If you’re like most independent restaurant operators,

you’re facing at least one of the following issues

Bleeding Labor Costs

You’re at the mercy of your labor dollars, cutting at the last minute or calling in last-minute staff to cover an unexpectedly busy shift.

Out-of-control Food Costs

The products you use have been going up for years and you haven’t raised menu prices in just as long, cutting into your profits.

Entitled Management

You put them in management because you thought they deserved the chance, but now you feel like you haven’t asked enough of them.

Unmotivated Employees

You feel doomed to have the least motivated employees of any restaurant owner ever. Is it so hard to find someone who is willing to work?

How TheRestaurantExpert.com Can Help You

Expert Coaching

Running a restaurant is one of the most challenging businesses there is. There are so many moving parts and so many things you must know and do to be successful. And you have to realize you cannot, and shouldn’t have to, do it all yourself! Our restaurant coaches are there to help you and truly care about you and your business.

Exclusive Software

After years of teaching restaurant owners how to use spreadsheets and checklists to effectively manage their restaurants, TheRestaurantExpert.com created a way to make it even better, making it possible to connect all of your restaurant’s information and systems in one place. This unique software is your restaurant’s key to competing with the chains that surround you. Use it to become the restaurant owner you’ve always imagined and to run the restaurant of your dreams.

Hands on Training

TheRestaurantExpert.com offers a semi-annual three-day workshop where you learn literally everything you need to know to run a profitable restaurant. Many of our members started with a workshop and comeback to it again and again. We also offer several one-day seminars focused on specific challenges and in-office training seminars free for users of SMARTSystems Pro, our online restaurant management software.

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Don’t take our word for it

  • "I’ve found that a lot of restaurant owners don’t want to admit that they need help, or that someone knows more than they do. And many of us have no education to prepare us. But something I love about the mastermind group is that everyone is at a different place in their restaurants and only there to help each other succeed."

    Steve Brown Esparza’s Restaurante Mexicano - Texas
  • "I’ve gone through tons of motivational seminars, learning programs and other restaurant support systems, and I can tell you this is real! Other programs require busy work and duplication. With SMART Systems Pro, you make one mass entry of your numbers, vendors and recipes, and you no longer have to calculate anything independently. I was spending so much time on other programs that could have been used so much better."

    Dan Carr Visconti’s of Leavenworth - Washington
  • "Finally, a program that not only keeps all of our systems in one place, but also ties them all together. Recipe costing cards used to be a painstaking experience; now they are a breeze. Better yet, everyone can understand them. SMART Systems Pro pays for itself with the controls it puts in place, but the bonus comes from how easy it is to use. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to take control of their business, but aren’t sure how to do it."

    Mark Link Uncle Bub’s BBQ - Westmont, IL
  • "We attended one of David’s first workshops in Las Vegas. We had no systems at all and after that we went home and got smart. At the time we had two restaurants. We put the purchase allotment system in one restaurant. We saw a 2.8 percent drop in food cost and an $8,000 inventory drop. That was enough to convince us the systems were worth putting in place."

    Dan Carr Visconti’s of Leavenworth - Washington
  • "Back when I found David Scott Peters and TheRestaurantExpert.com, I had one restaurant that was making me a lot of money and one that was struggling. I went to the workshop to fix my struggling restaurant and found out the one making the money wasn’t making what I thought it was. Fast forward to today, and I’ve doubled my personal income and am getting ready to open a third restaurant."

    Steve Brown Esparza’s Restaurante Mexicano - Texas
  • "The workshop is a great investment in yourself and your business. It’s educational with an ass-kicking motivational speaker. Don't think about going to the workshop. JUST GO!!"

    Mike Beesley The Cat's Meow Wine Bar - Westlake Village, CA
  • "This workshop was great! The systems presented make sense: they will be challenging, but anything worth it is always challenging. I can tell how efficient it will make my team and my business."

    Monique Maravilla Kindness and Mischief Coffee - Los Angeles, CA
  • "I only wish I could have taken this course 20 years ago. I thought that I could figure it out on my own, but I was never a natural. Too bad it took me so long to finally ask for some real help and organization."

    Mason Greene Kindness and Mischief Coffee - Los Angeles, CA
  • "The course is very helpful and suitable for any kind of restaurant operations. You can use this knowledge if you have fast food, casual, fine dining, or a bar because no matter who you are, you will have problems with food cost, labor cost and other expenses. This course will help you to implement a system to control your prime cost."

    Alexander Sakaev Darcy's Kitchen - Oman, Muscat
  • "This has been the most comprehensive seminar I have been to. I can see real life changes I can apply to my restaurant. I can't wait to start putting these practices in place."

    Paul Groh Crossroads Tavern & Eatery - Wood Dale, IL
  • "Wow. I had no idea how much information would be given over 3 days. David is ‘Mr. Information.’ I believe, with what I've learned from him, that I will not only run a successful business, but a business that my team members will look forward to coming to each work day. My knowledge level is about to match my passion level."

    Lori Beesley The Cat's Meow Wine Bar - Westlake Village, CA
  • "I found the workshop relevant to our operation and its needs. Even though the material was detailed, the presenter, David, made the experience engaging. It was refreshing to know that the team running the workshop knew, worked and continues to work in our industry (independent restaurant/bars)."

    Aine Rice O'Brien's Bar & Restaurant - Brandon, FL
  • "Loved the seminar and loved the energy and networking opportunities. Long days but I was never bored!"

    Gene Embler Kara Lynn's Kitchen - Clearwater, FL
  • "Excellent information and I highly recommend it to anyone in the industry that would like to have more control and information about increasing profits."

    Craig Domer Rounders - Reno, NV
  • “Absolutely a fantastic and educational three days. Industry proven and recognized training and support that we are so excited to be utilizing in our new business. Can’t wait to get home and start using all we have learned into practice and everyday processes. We feel fortunate to have been exposed to such knowledge and training. It was well worth the trip from Australia.”

    Iain Clark Malt House - Warwick, Queensland Autrailia
  • “I came into the Restaurant Expert’s seminar as a corporate restaurant “clone;” within the 3-day seminar I learned where to find and how to utilize all their tools. With years of experience in the hospitality business I gained more from a few days with David and his team than I have taken from multiple trainers in the last 10 years. David’s expert team has showed me how to make the already successful restaurant I manage even better!”

    Brendan Tresch Crossroads Sports Bar and Restaurant - Wood Dale, IL
  • “This is the most complete workshop I’ve ever been to – not to mention that David is one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. He is easy to understand and follow. Very intense workshop. I came with expectations and all the topics were covered in full. Thank you!”

    Lucia La Duca Paradiso Pizza - Kingston, ON Canada

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