Our Difference

Helping independent restaurant owners not only survive, but thrive!

Our Mission

To teach independent restaurant owners how to operate with systems to help them make more money and live a balanced life, and to bring them together to share ideas, challenges and successes in a safe, friendly, cooperative environment.

Our Core Values


We ourselves as restaurateurs, coaches and entrepreneurs, teach other restaurateurs and managers to systematize their businesses quickly, efficiently and more easily than they ever thought possible, thereby empowering them in their businesses andlives. Realizing we aren’t the only teachers available, we bring our clientele together to learn from each other. At the same time, we understand as an organization, we must make it a point to continue our own learning and be flexible to new ideas, systems and change.


We ourselves as restaurateurs understand the struggle our clientele face on a daily basis. We will always remember where we came from, which helps us understand where many of our clientele are today, and the challenges they face. We will approach each interaction with our clientele with kindness and consideration. We are here to ease their pain and help them achieve their vision using the same systems that helped us achieve our own.


We act with unwavering integrity for every action we take with our clientele, partners and fellow teammates. Though we may sometimes sacrifice the easy dollar or a relationship that doesn’t align with our core values, acting with integrity keeps us focused on the success of our clientele, which is directly related to our own success.


We value fun, laughter and relationships. While our main focus is improving our clienteles’ businesses, we understand that improving their lives goes hand in hand. And the best way to do that is to create an environment that not only nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit, but the human spirit. Fun is an element of every interaction we have with our clientele and as a team.


We as a team will lead independent restaurant owners toward implementing operational systems and tools to run their restaurants more efficiently, help them make more money and live a balanced life. This will be done one-on-one and in mastermind group settings.

David Scott Peters

Expert Coach, Trainer and Speaker

Aside from being the founder of TheRestaurantExpert.com and serving as a Member coach, David is also a dynamic and engaging speaker. He is available to present in large group settings targeting independent restaurant owners, whether they own one location or a multi-unit chain.

Peters’ experience as a C-level manager for a 30-unit franchise operation offered the perfect testing ground for his SMART Systems. After skillfully managing the turnaround for the chain, taking it from near-bankruptcy and turning it into a thriving enterprise, Peters turned his attention to helping the independent restaurant owner.

He offers exuberant, thorough, charismatic presentations such as:

  • Menu Design that Puts Money in Your Pocket: Menu Engineering 101
  • Busting the Deadly Marketing Myth
  • 13 Steps to Writing a Fool-Proof Schedule
  • Seven Must-Dos to Controlling Labor Costs
  • 10 SMART Systems for Reducing Profit-Robbing Theft
  • The Key to Cloning Yourself
  • Unlocking the Secrets of Analyzing Cost of Goods Sold

Presentations can be as short as one hour to as long as an all-day set of presentations. David is only limited by what the audience can handle. He provides a dynamic, energetic and humorous journey of learning for every audience.

Fred Langley

Director of Operations

Fred Langley is the director of operations and a restaurant coach for TheRestaurantExpert.com. He leads the company’s consulting services, coaching members, conducting seminars and overseeing the training and technical support team for the company’s restaurant management software, SMART Systems Pro.

Langley has been with TheRestaurantExpert.com since 2006. He became a restaurant coach for the company after seeing incredible success as a customer. He evolved his role from occasional coach to a key player in retention and operations.

He brings his experience as a chef and restaurant owner to the team, helping members to literally revolutionize how they operate using the same systems and tools he learned as a member.

Langley is a chef and former restaurant owner. He owned a fine dining establishment and a family pizzeria in California’s wine country before relocating to Arizona to commit to the growth of TheRestaurantExpert.com. Prior to owning his own restaurants, Langley was with John Ash & Co. Restaurant in California’s wine country for eight years, where he worked his way up to sous chef. Prior to John Ash, he spent three years as an unofficial apprentice to a classically trained French chef. He spent time learning all aspects of the restaurant business when he worked for a fishmonger on the docks of San Francisco, worked in a bakery and conducted private in-home dinner parties. He received his associate’s degree from Santa Rosa Junior College.

Katrina Von Moos

Software Development and Support Manager

Katrina Von Moos is the software development and support manager for TheRestaurantExpert.com. She works closely with Members to support their use of SMART Systems Pro, the company’s restaurant management software. She uses her daily interactions with Members to support the ongoing enhancement of the software.

Von Moos has been with TheRestaurantExpert.com since 2011. She was familiar with TheRestaurantExpert.com after using the company’s systems in restaurants she managed. When the opportunity came up to support the company directly, she enthusiastically raised her hand.

She likes to tell the story that when David Scott Peters hired her to work with the software programmers, he said it didn’t matter that she did not know a lot about computers because she knew how to run a restaurant. Peters’ confidence in her came from her vast experience in restaurants. Prior to joining the company, Von Moos had worked every front-of-house position in restaurants, from server to general manager, over the course of 22 years.

Since joining the company she’s become a master of the software and the development process. She prides herself on finding ways to improve the user experience for Members and in creating the best product Members can have to improve their operations and outcomes. She especially enjoys working with Members to help them use SMART Systems Pro to be profitable and successful.

Gregg Sourbeck

Solutions Coach

Gregg Sourbeck is the solutions coach for TheRestaurantExpert.com. He works with restaurant owners and managers who are looking for a way to combine the culinary arts with the business disciplines needed to run a more profitable independent restaurant.

Sourbeck has been with TheRestaurantExpert.com since 2015. Prior to this he spent 17 years implementing food and beverage control systems in complex food service operations such as casinos, resorts and amusement parks. He also spent 14 years managing both independent and chain restaurants with experience in front-of-house and back-of-house operations.

Restaurant definitely runs in Sourbeck’s blood. His mother was a bartender and his parents owned a bar in a small town in Michigan where he started working at age 14. He worked every position in a variety of restaurants making him uniquely qualified to coach and guide independent restaurant owners. He understands making people happy is what it’s all about, and he really enjoys helping restaurant owners see the good in their team so they can teach them to do the job well and expect them to be great. Coaching and guiding a young manager or chef to become the next successful business person in this industry is exciting.

Sourbeck studied hospitality management at Michigan State University.

Lisa Rath

Restaurant Coach and Trainer

Lisa Rath is a restaurant coach and trainer for TheRestaurantExpert.com. She works with clients to jumpstart their systems and serves as an on-site consultant, teaching them how to implement the systems in SMART Systems Pro and get their management teams on board for consistent application within the business.

Rath has been with TheRestaurantExpert.com since 2015. She’s held various positions within restaurants, including server, manager, catering director and assistant manager. In fact, her assistant manager position was at Coyote Springs Brewing Company, where she first met David Scott Peters.

She really enjoys the entrepreneurial spirit of independent restaurant owners along with the lively atmosphere and the unique people in the business. Her favorite part of the job is watching an owner’s reaction when they look at their P&L and realize that the work they’ve done has generated much larger profits than they had before.

Rath has a bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University.

Dennis Mosher

Restaurant Coach and Software Trainer

Dennis Mosher is a restaurant coach and software trainer for TheRestaurantExpert.com. He works directly with Members on a daily basis to help them maximize the resources and benefits of SMART Systems Pro, the company’s restaurant management software.

Mosher has been with TheRestaurantExpert.com since 2015. He has more than 30 years in the restaurant and hospitality industry with an extensive background in corporate restaurant operations. He has been an executive recruiter and worked with a independent restaurant team to develop a franchise growth program.

Mosher started as a dishwasher at 16 and never looked back. He loves the variety and challenge of the restaurant industry, as well as the food. His favorite part is solving problems and being able to make someone’s day better. He enjoys using his vast experience to assist TheRestaurantExpert.com’s Members to understand how to use SMART Systems Pro along with all the resources and coaching for maximum success.

Mosher studied political science at Monterey Peninsula College.

Mary DeLeon

Software Trainer and Coach

Mary DeLeon is a software trainer and coach for TheRestaurantExpert.com. She works directly with Members on a daily basis to help them maximize the benefits of SMART Systems Pro, the company’s restaurant management software.

DeLeon has been with TheRestaurantExpert.com since 2015. Prior to joining the team she was a food and beverage manager and has been in the restaurant industry her entire adult life. She’s worked the line, cold and hot stations, grill and catering. She has experience in front-of-house operations, but considers herself stronger with back-of-house operations.

DeLeon understands the passion restaurant owners and managers have for providing their guests with a satisfying food experience and the instant gratification they receive with each and every guest served. In working with Members she relies on their sense of pride to motivate them to tackle the systems that ensure they have amazing food and staff that gives them excellent word-of-mouth marketing. She lives for the “A-ha” moment when an owner or manager gets what she’s teaching.

DeLeon studied political science and secondary education before attending the New York Restaurant School to study culinary management. She devours books and articles and is happy knowing a little bit about a lot of things.

Britney Tieu

Software Support and Trainer

Britney Tieu is a software trainer and support team member for TheRestaurantExpert.com. She works with SMART Systems Pro users to answer questions and problem solve technical issues.

Tieu has been with TheRestaurantExpert.com since 2015. Prior to joining the team she worked for a fast casual restaurant chain where she learned the importance of excellent customer experience and true hospitality.

She enjoys helping restaurant owners and managers on a daily basis to see the significant impact TheRestaurantExpert.com and the restaurant management software, SMART Systems Pro can have on their business. She preaches to Members who call for help that they must know their numbers to be successful.