The Trick to Knowing the Correct Restaurant Pour Cost

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If your restaurant pour cost is too high but you don’t know where to cut off the bleeding, watch this video.

If you often order too much product and experience it spoiling, this video is for you. If you often find yourself with too much product and not enough cash, this video is for you. After all, you can’t pay your electric bill with a case of steaks. You need cash in the bank.

To be able to hone in on making sure you are ordering the right product and that you can figure out what your food costs and pour costs should be, starts with tracking your gross sales by category.

In this video tip I’m going to cover the categories you should be including in your gross sales:
Food sales
N/A beverage sales
Liquor sales
Bottle beer sales
Draft beer sales
Wine sales
Merchandise sales

All of these have a separate cost of goods sold. This allows you to break down how much to buy of each category based on its cost of goods sold.

Breaking it down allows you to easily identify where you’re bleeding money, such as in your restaurant pour cost, and where you’re over ordering product.

Read more about tracking your gross sales by category in our special reportBreaking Away from the Insanity: How to easily take control of your restaurant and make more money. Download it here

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