Our software was designed to perfectly match the needs of the independent restaurant owner. Learn how you can use it to solve your restaurant’s biggest challenges.

Control Your Labor Cost

The second biggest expense in your restaurant is your labor cost. With our restaurant management solution, you’ll no longer be at the mercy of your labor dollars, cutting at the last minute or calling in last-minute staff to cover an unexpectedly busy shift.

Decrease Your Food and Pour Costs

Rising food and beverage prices are an ongoing issue in the restaurant business. Our restaurant management software puts systems in place to provide consistency so you can reduce and control food and pour costs. You will be able to delegate and be on a straighter path to profits.

Entitled Management

You put them in management because you thought they deserved the chance, but now you feel like you haven’t asked enough of them. Our restaurant management solution teaches you how to put the right people in management and provide them with systems to be successful and accountable.

Increase Guest Retention

Whether guests come back or not is based on the quality of the food you provide and the staff that ensures a quality experience. Our restaurant management solution teaches you how to properly train your employees to provide a consistent and positive experience for your guests.

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Here at TheRestaurantExpert.com, we coach and train independent restaurant owners how to cut and control costs and build effective management teams. When you work with us, you get your life back and more money in your pocket to enjoy it.

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    A team dedicated to teaching every Member how to run a successful restaurant and how to use software to do it.

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    Members use our exclusive software, SMART Systems Pro, to automate the crucial operational systems every restaurant must follow.

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