More Stimulation Plan Information

Authored by David Scott Peters On the heels of my last post regarding the stimulation package, I wanted to share this information I received from my accountant Tonetta Weaver. I always preach [...]


Authored by Linda Peters-Getchell Shhh! Listen a minute. Can you hear it? Your pen has rolled off the stack of mail, flipped over the stapler, and underneath the pile of sticky notes with a [...]

Stimulation Plan Impacts Your Business

Authored by David Scott Peters As a restaurant expert and trainer, I know a TON about the restaurant business and how to make it work for you and other independent restaurant owners like you. But [...]

Are your employees satisfied?

Authored by Tracy Yandow When asked the above question many restaurant employees answer vaguely. “Well, I come to work and get paid for it – if that’s what you mean.” It is funny, in the [...]

Service Is the Impression that Lasts

Authored by Jenny Brooks I live in a really small town and there are very few restaurants to choose from where you don’t just go in wearing your pajama bottoms. I can’t even tell you how many [...]

It’s About Service!

  Authored by Darren S. Denington, CFBE President of Service With Style Secret Shoppers For 24 years now, I have been providing, critiquing, analyzing and teaching restaurant service from [...]