Bring In the Implementer

Authored by David Scott Peters If you’re like most of the independent restaurant owners I work with, you are probably a hyped up Type A personality. I bet you are always coming up with great new [...]

Enter If You Dare

Authored by Linda Peters-Getchell A friend who loves kim chee had read a glowing review of a local Korean restaurant and could hardly wait to try it. We established a day and a time and met in [...]

Baristas Get $100 Million Tip

Authored by David Scott Peters At the end of March, a Superior Court judge ordered Starbucks to pay its baristas in California $100 million in back tips. Why? Because the shift supervisors were [...]

What is your definition of hard work?

Authored by David Militello Hard work (my personal definition): Time spent on courageously dreamt goals and areas of interest that I do not know or understand; sometimes frustrating or painful; [...]

Up sell to enhance your guest’s experience!

Authored by Fred Langley So many servers are afraid to make suggestions because they don’t want to seem pushy. Address this attitude by pointing out that you want your guests to have the best [...]