To Reserve or Not to Reserve

Authored by David Militello As a coach with David Scott Peters, I engage in a lot of different discussions with members who own all types of different styles of restaurants – single- and [...]

I’ve Made It So Easy!

Authored by David Scott Peters I’m issuing a news release tomorrow – May 22 – announcing the launch of my new Web site: I pasted it below so you can [...]

Do I Need To Add Technology to My Training Program?

Authored by Tracy Yandow, The Manual Solution The other day I read an old quote that I thought was great. It follows what I preach. “What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I [...]

Rock the House

Authored by Jenny Brooks Do you have live music in your restaurant? Do you tell people about it? How about the newspapers? Do you tell them? Most communities have a weekly paper that focuses on [...]