Profitably is Priority #1 – Words of Wisdom

By David Scott Peters I am a restaurant expert, teaching my SMART systems to independent restaurant owners all over the country (and the world). I teach through speaking engagements, training [...]

Don’t They Want My Business?

By David Scott Peters As I have mentioned many times in the past, my wife Susan and I do our very best to go to independent restaurants when we go out to eat, but the problem is that most [...]

Do Something Different Every Day

Authored by Linda Peters-Getchell “I can’t, I hardly have enough time to do what I have to do, how could I do something different every day?” Might this well be your response? Actually you can [...]

It’s a small world after all!

I am not sure what this has to do with the Restaurant Operator but since we’re all people, I’m going there anyway. It’s the holidays – let’s have some fun. I recently found Facebook. [...]

ATTENTION Restaurant Owners:

By David Scott Peters Today’s Headlines Say It All… “HEY CONGRESS… Where’s the Billion-Dollar Bailout for the Restaurant Industry?” Isn’t it CRAZY? Seems [...]

Don’t Hide the Truth

By Jenny Brooks No matter what’s happening in your restaurant, your employees know. They know because it directly impacts them as much as you. When you’re doing well, they’re [...]

Tell them what’s in it for them

Authored by David Militello Everyday we’ve all been listening, waiting, watching the whirlwind of news from the recent election to the “goat rodeo” of a stock market. I think it is safe to say [...]