Latest FohBoh-ist Post

By David Scott Peters I’ve been in Vegas all week for my semi-annual restaurant workshop. While I was out, I posted this on FohBoh. My workshop, How to Run a Profitable Restaurant: from [...]

Stressed out, Overworked and Just Plain Exhausted?

By Tracy Yandow Over the past few months have you found yourself physically and emotionally drained? Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish what you need to get done? [...]

Marching Music for a Different Drummer

By Linda Peters-Getchell Catch the Rhythm and Join The Dance Today was one of those clean-the-closet, go-through-everything, revisit-old-projects and throw-out-the-old kind of days. I found [...]

Want to know “How to Run a Profitable Restaurant”

LAST CHANCE! Register for my Las Vegas workshop happening March 23-26. The workshop is business changing, life changing and money changing. It’s called “How to Run a Profitable [...]

Young and Old Alike on Facebook

By Jenny Brooks I’m on facebook, a social networking site, and there is a column along the right side of the page of ever-present advertisers. And they are very targeted. They speak to my [...]

Training is Part of a set of Smart Systems

By David Scott Peters I have partnered with Tracy Yandow of The Manual Solution for a few years now to develop comprehensive restaurant-specific training manuals (FULL SERVICE and QUICK SERVICE [...]

Don’t Blindly Trust Your POS System

By Fred Langley There is only one thing that is more important than knowing your numbers: managing your numbers. Even better than that is to teach your management to actively manage your numbers [...]

Do you have a bar or sell alcohol in your restaurant?

By David Scott Peters Then check out this blog post on FohBoh. I offer all kinds of tips to independent restaurant owners for pricing drinks from the bar. Maybe you have some other suggestions. [...]

Great Example of How to Create Your Own Value Menu

By Jenny Brooks It might cost you more than $1 to sell it, but will it drive more traffic and allow you to upsell? Does it give you an edge over your competition, yet still tie in nicely to your [...]