Operating a Restaurant in a Recession

By David Scott Peters Quick link to a good story about three entrepreneurs in the Boston area who recently opened a restaurant in the Boston area. I specificially liked the following quote: [...]

Restaurant Mastermind Groups

By David Scott Peters I had a FohBoh-ist post on FohBoh yesterday. I talked about the mastermind principle. If you’re curious about the idea, take a minute to read the post on FohBoh. This [...]

Ways for Restaurants to Use Twitter

By Jenny Brooks In my last post here on Restaurant Expert David Scott Peters’ site, I discussed Twitter and its move toward mainstream communication methods. I promised I would follow up [...]

Do You Twitter?

By Jenny Brooks David Scott Peters, restaurant expert, asked this question in September 2008 and posed to you why you should consider getting an account on Twitter in this post. Twitter has [...]

Let Domino’s Take the Fall

By Jenny Brooks I’m going to assume you’ve heard and/or seen something about the Domino’s flap over two employees who made an egregious mistake “pretending” to [...]

Some good news for a change

By David Scott Peters Good news released in a survey last week, featured here in this article from Nation’s Restaurant News. Those independent restaurant operators and owners who have [...]

Maximize Your POS Systems

By David Scott Peters Today I posted a new item to FohBoh about getting the most out of your POS system. If you’ve been meaning to dig deeper into the fuctions, or if you just want to make [...]

Some tips on offering more health-minded options

By David Scott Peters From a nutritionist writing in the San Francisco Chronicle comes suggestions for helping customers make more healthful choices. Easy enough – would these suggestions [...]

Chipotle Puts More “Choices” on Menu

By Jenny Brooks According to an article on NRN’s Web site, Chipotle Mexican Grill is putting some lower priced items and suggested burrito concoctions on its menu as a test in Denver. This [...]

Some Solutions – Will They Work for You?

By David Scott Peters This article on CNN captures the solutions some fine dining restaurants are finding to endure the slump in sales. Key point in the article made by Robert Frash, an assistant [...]