Take This Self-Quiz for Independent Restaurant Owners

By David Scott Peters At dinnertime, do you often have more empty seats than customers? Your sales are up, but your profits are flat – or worse: zero. Are your employees usually – [...]

Restaurant Stats – Are You Among the Survivors?

By David Scott Peters According to a report issued by the NPD Group, there are 4,000 fewer restaurants today than there were a year ago. Read more about it here. There is a quote in the article [...]

Tip for the Day: Liquor Inventory

By David Scott Peters If it doesn’t move in the bar, get rid of it. Liquor that doesn’t sell but takes up space on your shelves is money that could be better used in your bank account. There are [...]

Common Epiphanies Among Independent Restaurant Owners at My Workshop

By David Scott Peters Twice per year I host an intensive restaurant operations workshop to help independent restaurant owners increase profits and take control of every aspect of their [...]

A Tip for the Day: FIFO

By David Scott Peters Follow the FIFO principle. What’s FIFO? FIFO is first in first out inventory management. Oldest dated product needs to be used first. So when the delivery is made, make sure [...]

Learn Systems and Shortcuts for More Profits

Use the Same Systems and Shortcuts as the Chains to Make More Money in Your Independent Restaurant Join David Scott Peters for a 4-day restaurant workshop dedicated to teaching you the stuff you [...]

How About Meeting Me in Vegas for a Little R&R?

R&R = Restaurant Revitalization It’s time for my four-day workshop dedicated to teaching independent restaurant owners like you: “How to Run a Profitable Restaurant: from Soup to [...]

The Battle of the Chains

By David Scott Peters Chili’s is taking on Applebee’s. Are you taking on either? See this article to understand what I mean? Before you take on either chain in your own neighborhood [...]

Announcing the Restaurant Booster Contest for Independent Restaurants

It’s time for the only restaurant workshop that teaches independent restaurant owners how to run a profitable restaurant. And David Scott Peters – the restaurant expert and workshop [...]

How to Take Action to See Incredible Results

By David Scott Peters I just spent a full week in Augusta, Ga., doing an on-site consultation for an independent restaurant owner. I brought my implementation consultant – the Implementor [...]

Power of the Pen – Use It for Customer Service

Authored by Linda Peters-Getchell As you might well have realized, I am a real believer in exceptional customer service. Success as a business owner – restaurants included – is so [...]