Halloween – An Event to Plan For

By David Scott Peters This year Halloween is on a Saturday. Is that good or bad for your restaurant’s sales? If you don’t know, then this post is for you. A key part of budgeting is [...]

Financial Webinar for Independent Restaurant Owners

By David Scott Peters Join me on my next Webinar… Title: Planning For Profitability And Staying On Course – A Step-by-Step Guide to Financial Success! Date: Thursday, October 29, 2009 [...]

Scheduling Labor in a Restaurant

By David Scott Peters Weekly Restaurant Tip Know the Number of FTEs Per Shift Have two FTEs more than you need to cover your shifts (and your butt). The trick to covering your shifts is having [...]

What does The Restaurant Expert do?

By David Scott Peters I was recently interviewed for an article in Nation’s Restaurant News about steps independent restaurants can take to compete with the likes of the chain restaurants. [...]

Server Missteps in Restaurants

By Jenny Brooks This article about diners’ pet peeves when it comes to servers in a restaurant was in The Dallas Morning News. It’s 10 examples of what diners in the Dallas area hate [...]

Make Writing the Schedule Easy and Efficient

By David Scott Peters Weekly Restaurant Tip Adopt a Master Schedule You can make writing the schedule easy and efficient — every time — with a master schedule. It is possible. For each area of [...]

All I wanted from my POS System

By David Scott Peters Maximizing your POS system is a big part of running an efficient and profitable business. I pulled together three different blog posts about maximizing your restaurant POS [...]

How to Use Your POS System for Inventory

If you read this post about the must-have systems needed to maximize your POS systems, then you’re ready to learn how to use your POS system for inventory. Input your vendors: You need to [...]

No Free-Range Delivery Drivers

By David Scott Peters Weekly Restaurant Tip You shouldn’t have an open-door policy for your back door. Several days a week you receive deliveries. With those deliveries come drivers who have [...]

Must-Have Systems to Maximize Your Restaurant POS System

Let’s talk about how to maximize your restaurant POS system. I’m passionate about efficiency. Call me lucky, but I’m one of those rare people who has turned my passion into my career: [...]

Key Number for Restaurant Operations

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Day Find your breakeven point to avoid breaking the bank. Do you know your breakeven point? I bet your accountant does. And you should, too. Breakeven [...]

Your Restaurant POS System Is More Than an Expensive Cash Register

When it comes to the restaurant POS system, a common problem among restaurant owners, whether a full-service restaurant and bar or a delivery-only pizzeria, is they buy an expensive system, but [...]

Workshop in a Box – Best Price Ever

By David Scott Peters I’m cleaning out my product cabinet to make room for updated versions. You know what that means? SALE. This is a special offer for independent restaurant owners who [...]