David Scott Peters to Speak at 2013 Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show

News Release Speaker Invites Independent Restaurant Owners to Learn How to Achieve Success Restaurant expert presents restaurant success strategies at Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show (August [...]

Are You Committed to Change in Your Restaurant?

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Restaurant Profits Can Be a Simple Math Problem

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3-Day Workshop for Independent Restaurant Owners

By David Scott Peters So what exactly do we do at our 3-day workshop? Following is the agenda for the three days. We cover the most important operational systems – all of them! (Please note [...]

How to Make Your Managers Accountable for a Successful Restaurant

Why should you make your managers accountable? When your management team knows what the job is, how to do it and how well you want it done… you have a management team that gets things done, meets [...]

Top 5 Restaurant Marketing Articles

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