Easy Way to Increase Revenues for the Holidays

By David Scott Peters Most independents don’t take advantage of gift cards like the major chains do. Any major restaurant chain — Applebee’s, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc. — does a big [...]

Beware: Loyalty Program Scam

By David Scott Peters I believe loyalty programs are a must. In fact, they’re about the only coupon activity I recommend. But left unchecked, dishonest managers, servers, bartenders and [...]

Cutting Food Costs with a Prime Vendor Agreement

By David Scott Peters I put up a blog post about using a prime vendor agreement to cut food costs in your restaurant. I want to expand a little bit on the prime vendor agreement here. Before you [...]

Deadline Approaching for Affordable Care Act Notification

If you are an employer subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (if you’re required to pay minimum wage), you are required to let your employees know about: Healthcare exchanges Subsidies that may [...]

3 Steps to Improve Leadership in Your Restaurant

By Fred Langley To be a successful operator you must get yourself out of your comfort zone. To achieve your goals you must lead your team instead of doing it all yourself. Becoming a strong [...]

Key Strategy for Saving on Your Restaurant Food Costs

By David Scott Peters I just finished teaching one of my semi-annual three-day workshops and in the room we had five people who were opening restaurants. It was great to have so many people there [...]

Tips for Restaurant Owners

Restaurant Systems Tip Gather the right tools to plan Every restaurant is impacted by the BIG holidays every year, such as Valentine’s Day, Fourth of July and Christmas. Many restaurants have [...]

How to Plan for the Holidays in the Restaurant Industry – Gearing Down

In part 1 of How to Plan for the Holidays in the Restaurant Industry – Gearing Up, we talked about the importance of planning ahead and “gearing up” for your restaurant’s season. This week [...]

How to Plan for the Holidays in the Restaurant Industry – Gearing Up

Gearing up and gearing down The difference between making money and losing money in the restaurant business depends on how well you gear up and gear down. Proper planning truly has a major impact [...]

How to Believe in Yourself to Achieve Success

By Fred Langley My 6-year-old son recently conquered a crippling fear and taught me something I hope to pass on to you. Jack is a very coordinated athletic boy, who since a very young age has [...]