Tips for Finding Great Talent

By Willis Getchell The scenario isn’t unusual. We’ve all done it. We’ve all been a terrible judge of someone’s talent and had it impact our business. A great example is a coach or scout in the [...]

Top 6 Restaurant Cash Handling Blunders You Must Stop

Each opportunity my team has to consult with you in your restaurant helps to make us better coaches. One of the things we’ve learned is that no matter what the restaurant owner says we need to [...]

A One-Day Restaurant Seminar

One-Day Seminar Teaches Tricks for Cutting Labor Costs Independent restaurant owners learn the systems they need to be more profitable (PHOENIX – Jan. 14, 2014) The coaches at [...]

10 Ways to Ruin Morale in Your Restaurant

  By Willis Getchell M.Ed, CEC As I learned the hard way, there is a lot more to being “the boss” than telling people what to do. It’s about building rapport and cultivating relationships [...]

Why You Have to Give Up Control in Your Restaurant to Get Control

As coaches and consultants, we often run into a large roadblock. This roadblock can often stop the process of implementing systems, stall the process of making more money and often derail the [...]

Why the Vision for Your Business Is Key to Its Success

What was your dream when you opened your restaurant? Did you have a clear vision? Are you where you thought you would be? How about now? Do you know where your company is headed today? What [...]