How to Increase the Ticket Successfully

To set the stage for upselling, the service staff needs to build rapport with their guests, not be robots executing some rote script. For example, when the server approaches the table and just [...]

Why Upselling Is Important for the Guest Experience

Too many servers and bartenders, quite frankly, are afraid of upselling. They don’t want to come across as pushy or as if they are trying to gouge the guest. It’s easy to understand why they feel [...]

Top 4 Ways to Use a Restaurant Manager Log

A restaurant manager log is a useful tool to improve communication in your restaurant and to better hold your management team accountable. The improved communication that results from the manager [...]

Top 5 Misuses of a Restaurant Manager Log

One of the greatest challenges with a manager log of any form is the misuse of this very important legal document. Here are some of the most common misuses: The Bitch Session! Often managers feel [...]

Why Restaurant Manager Logs Are So Important

There is one simple tool that can have a great impact on your business. It’s so simple, that sometimes people take it for granted or don’t even use it: restaurant manager logs. While restaurant [...]

5 Mistakes NEW Restaurant Managers Make

Let me help you find your next restaurant managers. To do this I want to point you inside your four walls. Look to your line employee ranks, which is optimal for several reasons: 1) You have [...]