A Restaurant Owner’s Job Is to be a Leader

To be successful in the restaurant business takes strong leadership. And the reality is restaurant leadership doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In this post I reviewed why a restaurant [...]

3 Parts of a Restaurant Owner’s Job

Hey there, restaurant owner, I have a question for you. What is a restaurant owner’s job? What should a restaurant owner be working on? I hope you don’t tell me: Working the line [...]

A Restaurant Owner’s Job Includes Budgets

I am a broken record at times, repeating the same messages over and over again. I know it! Certain messages are that damn important. I teach that the two most important systems any restaurant [...]

A Restaurant Owner’s Job Is Growing the Business

Your job as the restaurant owner is to work on growing your restaurant. Whether that’s sales, new revenue streams or additional locations. If no one is focused on growth, it’s not going to [...]

How to Count Restaurant Inventory Correctly

How do you know for sure your restaurant inventory is being counted correctly without actually doing it yourself? First, let’s start with a refresher on your actual cost of goods sold [...]