Ideas to Grow Restaurant Sales

From booking more catering to building repeat business, it takes more than just one thing to grow restaurant sales. You have to do a lot of little things to get them to add up to some measurable [...]

How to Count Restaurant Inventory Correctly

How do you know for sure your restaurant inventory is being counted correctly without actually doing it yourself? First, let’s start with a refresher on your actual cost of goods sold [...]

Why Weekly Restaurant Inventory Is Better Than Monthly Inventory

Here at we teach you that if you truly want to control your cost of goods sold and calculate an accurate prime cost on a week-by-week basis, you have to do your restaurant [...]

Restaurant Labor Budget Is a Moving Target

Before I dive into this topic, let me say this: if you don’t have a working budget with a name to every dollar you spend, you need one before the rest of this will work. We would love to help [...]

Simple Ways to Cut Food Costs – Part 2

Last week, I outlined portioning techniques as a way to trim food costs without cutting labor because not having enough staff can be a disaster. This week I’ve outlined ways to stretch your food [...]

Simple Ways to Cut Food Costs – Part 1

When you are struggling to cut food costs and bring down your prime cost number, it is always easier to focus on your cost of goods sold rather than cutting labor. Not having enough staff can be [...]

Dont Let Your Now Become Your Future

Whatever your circumstances are, you and you alone are responsible for changing them. You’re not a victim. Solutions exist: read, attend seminars, diet, implement systems. Know that change [...]

Tips for Upselling Success

So many servers are afraid to make suggestions because they don’t want to seem pushy. But the goal of upselling is really to enhance the guest’s experience. Address this attitude by [...]

Why to Lead with Courage

By Fred Langley Leading with courage is a lot easier said than done. But the most important thing to realize is that doing nothing because you’re afraid is worse than doing something you’re [...]

How to Make Negative Discussions Positive

By Fred Langley When issues come up in your restaurant, your first instinct might be to find someone to yell at. But although that might make you feel better in the short run, it’s not [...]

How to Keep Restaurant Customers Coming Back

In writing this article I was reminded of David Scott Peters’ article, “Top 6 Reasons Why Restaurant Customers Don’t Come Back.” In this article, the top two reasons customers [...]

Look to Descending Reports to Cut Costs

For the greatest impact on your bottom line, we always encourage working from descending dollar and descending case reports when tracking food items. To start, tracking the food items with your [...]

3 Steps to Improve Leadership in Your Restaurant

By Fred Langley To be a successful operator you must get yourself out of your comfort zone. To achieve your goals you must lead your team instead of doing it all yourself. Becoming a strong [...]

How to Believe in Yourself to Achieve Success

By Fred Langley My 6-year-old son recently conquered a crippling fear and taught me something I hope to pass on to you. Jack is a very coordinated athletic boy, who since a very young age has [...]

Restaurant Profits Can Be a Simple Math Problem

By Fred Langley Oh how I wish achieving profitability was only a simple math problem. But the real issues that hold restaurant owners back from achieving their desired profitability are mostly [...]

How to Start Your Restaurant on the Path to Success

By Chef Fred Langley Different people define success in different ways. For some, success may mean having more time for a home life. It may be defined by increased profits. Some restaurant owners [...]

Measure Restaurant Sales to Determine Labor Needs

Creating the schedule in a restaurant is like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle. A proper functioning schedule is vital to your business. But putting all the right people in all the right [...]

Don’t Blindly Trust Your POS System

By Fred Langley There is only one thing that is more important than knowing your numbers: managing your numbers. Even better than that is to teach your management to actively manage your numbers [...]

Multiple Perspectives Offer Opportunity for Real Change

By Fred Langley Anyone in’sElite Group who has the privilege of hosting 20 other restaurant owners walk through their restaurant and give critiques to their [...]

Build systems to build relationships even when you’re not there

By Fred Langley As you take the systems you learn here at the Button and implement them, you are going to find that you have more time. You will also find and that you have taken responsibilities [...]

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