In the event of a harassing situation, are you prepared?

Authored by David Militello It was a Wednesday afternoon, an unusually cold and rainy day in August. As the day started to reveal its disposition the phone rang. It was my POS provider with our [...]

Tell them what’s in it for them

Authored by David Militello Everyday we’ve all been listening, waiting, watching the whirlwind of news from the recent election to the “goat rodeo” of a stock market. I think it is safe to say [...]

The Legacies of a Key Life Lesson

Authored by David Militello As another August “ground hog day” begins, the hustle of the phone attempts to throw the proverbial bag of flaming dung…The phone announces, “Dave, there’s [...]

To Reserve or Not to Reserve

Authored by David Militello As a coach with David Scott Peters, I engage in a lot of different discussions with members who own all types of different styles of restaurants – single- and [...]

What is your definition of hard work?

Authored by David Militello Hard work (my personal definition): Time spent on courageously dreamt goals and areas of interest that I do not know or understand; sometimes frustrating or painful; [...]

The secret to getting your employees to read your mind?

Authored by David Militello Tuesday afternoon around 2:00 pm we were in our weekly managers meeting as I listened to my general manager (GM) and assistant general manager (AGM) talk about some [...]