Why Online Review Management Is Crucial for Restaurant Success

Let’s start with a basic assumption: consumers read Google reviews when choosing a new restaurant making online review management crucial for your restaurant’s success. Let’s say a consumer [...]

Ideas to Grow Restaurant Sales

From booking more catering to building repeat business, it takes more than just one thing to grow restaurant sales. You have to do a lot of little things to get them to add up to some measurable [...]

When Bad Yelp Reviews Happen

Bad Yelp reviews happen to good restaurants, but I want to address the bad Yelp reviews that happen to bad restaurants and what it should mean to them. Over the years Yelp has left a sour taste [...]

How to Set a Budget for Comps in Your Restaurant

  In the hospitality industry, comps happen on a routine basis. We see a regular at our bar and sometimes just buy them a drink to thank them for making our bar their home away from home. We [...]

How to use Facebook Live to Promote your Restaurant this Holiday Season

Facebook Live is a great tool for marketing your brand. Showing your customers what’s going on right now can incite the ever present FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and inspire intrigue. Not sure what [...]

7 Thanksgiving Inspired Dishes You Need to Have in Your Restaurant this Month

Having a seasonal menu item or a few is an excellent way to bring in both new and returning customers to your establishment. With Thanksgiving coming up, try introducing one (or all) of these [...]

Tips to Make Your Food Instagram-Worthy

Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most prominent social media outlets for restaurant advertising. It is almost impossible to scroll down your feed without seeing at least a [...]

A Restaurant Owner’s Job Is Growing the Business

Your job as the restaurant owner is to work on growing your restaurant. Whether that’s sales, new revenue streams or additional locations. If no one is focused on growth, it’s not going to [...]

Holiday Restaurant Revenue: Think Gift Cards and More

I can’t believe it. It feels like Labor Day was just yesterday, but the holiday season and the New Year is already here. In 2014, the National Retail Federation (NRF) estimated people will spend [...]

10 Commandments of Promotional Marketing

Guest Blog by Jay Siff of Moving Targets Oh ye of little faith. If you’re a small, independent restaurant, you’re probably convinced you can’t possibly compete in the marketing arena against [...]

The Cheap Way to Drive Restaurant Traffic

  By Jenny Brooks I provide businesses with public relations services. Basically I help businesses communicate with their target customers. Communication is a very broad term. I use it to [...]

Beware: Loyalty Program Scam

By David Scott Peters I believe loyalty programs are a must. In fact, they’re about the only coupon activity I recommend. But left unchecked, dishonest managers, servers, bartenders and [...]

Top 5 Restaurant Marketing Articles

By David Scott Peters The following articles are some of our most read articles about restaurant marketing. Whether you’re looking for a little boost or a whole new strategy, you’ll [...]

Holiday menus drive restaurant profits

By Willis Getchell, CEC, Lead Chef Instructor, Scottsdale Culinary Institute’s Le Cordon Bleu The holiday season is a great time to design limited menus, for capturing the harried shopper, or [...]

Make Your Restaurant Fun and Profitable in the New Year

By David Scott Peters The end of a year often gives us opportunity to reflect on our successes and not-so-impressive moments from the past 12 months. Now is the time to take inventory and decide [...]

Establishing Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

By David Scott Peters Your USP is what differentiates you from all the other restaurants out there – especially the restaurants that look, smell and taste like yours. It’s the compilation [...]

3 Examples of a Great Restaurant Unique Selling Proposition

Several years ago I wrote an article entitled, “The Magic Pill for Marketing Success!” I’m talking about a restaurant unique selling proposition or more simply, your USP. And while no one in the [...]

Establishing a Mission Statement for your Restaurant

Want your restaurant to be successful? Establish a mission statement for your restaurant and set goals for yourself. Having a vision for your restaurant is essential to running your business [...]

News from The Restaurant Expert

NEW MARKETING MANAGER OFFERS UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE AS A RESTAURANT OWNER PHOENIX – September 1, 2011 – TheRestaurantExpert.com is pleased to announce the addition of Nick Saldi as the [...]

Free Webinar About Groupon for Restaurants

GROUPON KILLS RESTAURANTS! How not to fall victim. It doesn’t matter how much money you bring in at the register. It’s what you do with those sales. With this lesson as the [...]

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