When Things Don’t Go as Planned in the Restaurant Business

As an entrepreneur, I understand the challenge when things don’t go as planned in the restaurant business. More often than not, every day doesn’t go how you plan it all the time. In fact, [...]

Signs It Is Time to Replace Restaurant Furniture

You may not realize it, but your furniture can say a lot about your restaurant: what type of food you serve, your culture, your price levels, and your level of service.  Likewise, having [...]

Optimizing Restaurant POS Setup

Restaurants are migrating towards modern POS systems in numbers never before seen. In fact, 1 in 3 restaurateurs plan on upgrading their restaurant tech within the next year, while 24 percent [...]

7 In-Season Foods Your Restaurant Should Use this Month

New foods in your restaurant is good for business. Consuming only foods that are in season used to be seen as a “treehugger” lifestyle choice, but the trend has been on an incline for [...]

Protect Your Restaurant’s Name

Guest Post by Josh Gerben of Gerben Law Firm It was Shakespeare who first asked the question, “What’s in a name?” — and when it comes to small businesses like restaurants, the answer is [...]

Deadline Approaching for Affordable Care Act Notification

If you are an employer subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (if you’re required to pay minimum wage), you are required to let your employees know about: Healthcare exchanges Subsidies that may [...]

How to Develop a Management Plan in Your Restaurant

A management plan is your written strategy for how to get your restaurant to where you want it. New ideas have very little value unless they are put into action. This management plan is a tool [...]

Where to Start with Restaurant Systems

What can restaurant systems do for your restaurant business? You know you have a responsibility to be profitable and that you have to be firm in your expectations with your management team. But [...]

Gearing Up and Gearing Down Part 1 – Knowing your sales cycle will make you more money

By David Scott Peters The difference between making money and losing money in the restaurant business depends on how well you gear up and gear down. Proper planning truly has a major impact on [...]

“Cater” to Your Customers this Holiday Season

By Michael Attias How important are the holidays to your sales mix? I know for many readers the combination of groups reserving tables and private party rooms for holiday parties, as well as full [...]

Add more revenue through CATERING

A letter from David Scott Peters: As a restaurant owner, you are always looking for ways to capitalize on your existing customer base and increase the frequency of their visits. And a few new [...]

How to Gain an Edge in Food Service

By Greg McGuire Information is key to success in the food service industry. Restaurant owners and managers must navigate a complex and competitive world on the path to success. Not everyone makes [...]

When Opening a New Restaurant

By David Scott Peters Location, Location, Location… What does that mean for your restaurant? How do you find the right location for your new restaurant? How much rent can you afford? Who do you [...]

Tax Tip – Haiti Donations Deductible This Year

By David Scott Peters From the IRS: Haiti Relief Donations Qualify for Immediate Tax Relief People who give to charities providing earthquake relief in Haiti can claim these donations on the tax [...]

What does The Restaurant Expert do?

By David Scott Peters I was recently interviewed for an article in Nation’s Restaurant News about steps independent restaurants can take to compete with the likes of the chain restaurants. [...]

Chicago Tweetup

Headed for Chicago today for the restaurant show in Chicago. I’m planning a Tweetup for independent restaurant owners on Saturday from 6-8 p.m. Did you RSVP? Can I put a Tweetup on my blog? [...]

Restaurant Expert Going to the Show

By David Scott Peters If you’re in the restaurant world, then you probably know that May 16-19 is the National Restaurant Association’s annual trade show and exhibition. This year, [...]

Some good news for a change

By David Scott Peters Good news released in a survey last week, featured here in this article from Nation’s Restaurant News. Those independent restaurant operators and owners who have [...]

Marching Music for a Different Drummer

By Linda Peters-Getchell Catch the Rhythm and Join The Dance Today was one of those clean-the-closet, go-through-everything, revisit-old-projects and throw-out-the-old kind of days. I found [...]

Making Progress on the FEEL GOOD EXPERIENCE

Authored by Linda Peters-Getchell Just thinking about my last blog entry, CREATING A FEEL GOOD EXPERIENCE. Did you think about it? Hey, did you do anything about it? I hope you took it to heart [...]

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