How to use Facebook Live to Promote your Restaurant this Holiday Season

Facebook Live is a great tool for marketing your brand. Showing your customers what’s going on right now can incite the ever present FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and inspire intrigue. Not sure what [...]

7 Thanksgiving Inspired Dishes You Need to Have in Your Restaurant this Month

Having a seasonal menu item or a few is an excellent way to bring in both new and returning customers to your establishment. With Thanksgiving coming up, try introducing one (or all) of these [...]

Tips to Make Your Food Instagram-Worthy

Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most prominent social media outlets for restaurant advertising. It is almost impossible to scroll down your feed without seeing at least a [...]

How To Manage Kids In A Not-So-Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Kids can be a challenge to manage when you do not have an environment that suits their needs, such as restaurants with a laid-back and quiet atmosphere. Even if you only have children come in on [...]

7 Strategies on How to Handle Negative Reviews That You Can Start Doing Now

Bad news always travels fast and with access to a large variety of online rating sites, dealing with poor reviews can be difficult. However, negative reviews should always be seen as [...]

A One-Day Restaurant Seminar

One-Day Seminar Teaches Tricks for Cutting Labor Costs Independent restaurant owners learn the systems they need to be more profitable (PHOENIX – Jan. 14, 2014) The coaches at [...]

The Cheap Way to Drive Restaurant Traffic

  By Jenny Brooks I provide businesses with public relations services. Basically I help businesses communicate with their target customers. Communication is a very broad term. I use it to [...]

Speaker Teaches Independent Restaurant Owners How to Increase Chances of Survival

Restaurant expert presents restaurant success strategies at the Foodservice Expo August 18-20 in LA (July 19 – Phoenix, Ariz.) – Thousands of restaurant and hospitality professionals will trek [...]

Restaurant Industry Experts Celebrate 10 Years in Business

Restaurant Customer Service Tip

Handling Customer Complaints From time to time you will have a guest complaint. Your managers must be trained on how to deal with such encounters. Teach the steps below for dealing with a [...]

How To Rock Your Restaurant Marketing Efforts

By Greg McGuire Guest Blogger A common misconception in the food service business is that booking live music takes more time and effort than it’s worth. The process of finding bands, paying them, [...]

How to Generate More Restaurant Business FAST – Part 4

By David Scott Peters As I explained in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of this series of restaurant marketing ideas, you can’t wait for your customers to find you. You have to go to them. This [...]

How to Generate More Restaurant Business FAST – Part 3

By David Scott Peters This series of marketing ideas for restaurants is all about getting out of your restaurant. You can take to the streets and give people a reason to come in as I described in [...]

How to Generate Business for Your Restaurant FAST – Part 2

By David Scott Peters As I said in “How to Generate Business for Your Restaurant FAST – Part 1”, one of the best ways to generate business for your restaurant is to get our [...]

How to Generate More Restaurant Business FAST – Part 1

By David Scott Peters Listen Closely: GET OUT! That’s right, I said GET OUT! What I mean is get out from inside your four walls and drum up business the old-fashioned way, one customer at a time, [...]

Thinking Outside the Regular Audience for Restaurant Marketing

By Jenny Brooks Read this article for some fall promotional inspiration from the Big Chains. In offering this recommended reading, I’m not suggesting you should copy the promotional ideas, [...]

PR Campaign Model for All Restaurants

By Jenny Brooks Have you read anything about Papa John’s lately? How about Papa John’s Camaro? If you answered no, I don’t believe you! Papa John’s summer PR campaign and [...]

The Beauty of Independent Restaurant Owners

By Jenny Brooks Do you read Seth Godin’s blog? He writes about marketing for all types of businesses with an eye toward cutting through the BS, orginality and not just going through the [...]

Cheap Public Relations for Independent Restaurants

By Jenny Brooks I came across these three cheap public relations tactics for independent restaurants and wanted to share them. I wrote them for an issue of the SMART Systems Insider. These are [...]

Exploring Twitter for Restaurants – Idea No. 5

by Jenny Brooks In a post on April 23, I provided five ideas for restaurants to use Twitter. I promised to explore each of these a little deeper, so I’m going to expand on them over the [...]

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