How to Overcome Restaurant Minimum Wage Increases

Since I’ve already told you in this article there are not enough labor controls you can put into place to overcome restaurant minimum wage increases, here are some of the changes you can make to [...]

Overcoming Increases in Minimum Wage in Restaurants

Let me start off by being very clear… this is not a political article, it’s a business article. I don’t care what side of the political fence you live on, my goal is to teach you what you need to [...]

Restaurant Prime Cost Formula

  The restaurant prime cost formula is the most important calculation in your restaurant. I bet you’ve heard that a typical restaurant makes a nickel to 8 cents on every dollar they bring [...]

Why Managers Are Key to Restaurant Profits

Learn the one number you must know to have any chance of making money in the restaurant business as well as why managers are key to restaurant profits. Old timers in the restaurant business [...]

How to Determine Your Restaurant Profit Margin

Are you wondering how to know what your restaurant profit margin should be? Let me tell you what it could be. Before you an determine where your restaurant’s profit margin should be, you [...]

How to Set a Budget for Comps in Your Restaurant

  In the hospitality industry, comps happen on a routine basis. We see a regular at our bar and sometimes just buy them a drink to thank them for making our bar their home away from home. We [...]

When to Use Void vs Comp in Your Restaurant

Knowing when to use a void vs comp in your restaurant affects your gross sales! Do you look at your profit and loss statement and see a food cost, pour cost or labor cost that seems too high? [...]

How to Lower Restaurant Labor Cost

Want to lower restaurant labor cost? Look to your time clock. It’s a prime area where restaurant owners get robbed on labor costs. Theft happens at the time clock whenever you are not [...]

The Trick to Knowing the Correct Restaurant Pour Cost

If your restaurant pour cost is too high but you don’t know where to cut off the bleeding, watch this video. If you often order too much product and experience it spoiling, this video is [...]

The 1 Number You Must Know to Make Money in Restaurants

If you’re struggling to find a way to make the money you deserve in your restaurant, then this video is for you. David teaches you the one number you must know to make money in the [...]

Use Recipe Costing Cards to Keep Restaurant and Catering Costs Separate

Recipe Costing Cards Keep Restaurant and Catering Costs Separate Most restaurant owners who launch or already have a catering division ask me for tips on keeping the costs of their two businesses [...]

Keeping Food Costs Straight: Restaurant vs. Catering

Keeping Catering Costs Separate from Restaurant Costs A great way to make more money in your restaurant is to increase sales in the restaurant without adding more seats. Catering magically [...]

Tips for Using Restaurant Comps

Restaurant Comps Unique Tool Taking care of our restaurant guests is very personal, especially when we use restaurant comps. But it’s unique in restaurants. Think about this: when is the [...]

Systems for Getting Your Restaurant Prime Cost Right

Your restaurant prime cost is the most important number in your restaurant. Until recently, finding your prime cost was a real challenge. You had to pull a number of different spreadsheets [...]

Want to Know Your Restaurant Prime Cost?

  Prime cost, prime cost, prime cost! It’s all we think about. It’s where we lose the most money when we don’t pay attention. It’s in the control of management every day in how they hire, [...]

If You Don’t Believe, It Can’t Be Done

  By David Scott Peters In many of my speeches, seminars, workshops and calls with potential Members, I talk about how industry standards don’t apply to the restaurants we work with. For a [...]

How to Plan for the Holidays in the Restaurant Industry – Gearing Down

In part 1 of How to Plan for the Holidays in the Restaurant Industry – Gearing Up, we talked about the importance of planning ahead and “gearing up” for your restaurant’s season. This week [...]

How to Plan for the Holidays in the Restaurant Industry – Gearing Up

Gearing up and gearing down The difference between making money and losing money in the restaurant business depends on how well you gear up and gear down. Proper planning truly has a major impact [...]

How to Start Your Restaurant on the Path to Success

By Chef Fred Langley Different people define success in different ways. For some, success may mean having more time for a home life. It may be defined by increased profits. Some restaurant owners [...]

Profitably is Priority #1 for Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, your top priority for your restaurant is to be profitable. These are my unyielding words of advice for every independent restaurant owner who forgets all the people [...]

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