Tips to Make Your Food Instagram-Worthy

Over the past few years, Instagram has become one of the most prominent social media outlets for restaurant advertising. It is almost impossible to scroll down your feed without seeing at least a [...]

How To Manage Kids In A Not-So-Kid-Friendly Restaurant

Kids can be a challenge to manage when you do not have an environment that suits their needs, such as restaurants with a laid-back and quiet atmosphere. Even if you only have children come in on [...]

The Solution to Miscommunication in Restaurants

Communication in restaurants is key to getting anything done, from cleaning to profitability. The big communication challenge in restaurant management is making sure you get your message across [...]

One-Day Restaurant Seminar May 13

NEWS RELEASE One-Day Restaurant Seminar Teaches Systems and Shortcuts Independent restaurant owners invited to learn ways to cut costs and increase sales What: Controlling the Most Important [...]

Tips for Finding Great Talent

By Willis Getchell The scenario isn’t unusual. We’ve all done it. We’ve all been a terrible judge of someone’s talent and had it impact our business. A great example is a coach or scout in the [...]

David Scott Peters to Speak at 2013 Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show

News Release Speaker Invites Independent Restaurant Owners to Learn How to Achieve Success Restaurant expert presents restaurant success strategies at Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show (August [...]

Bar Tips for Restaurant Owners

By David Scott Peters Bar Tip: Resources for Tasty/Unique Drinks Look for books on specialty cocktails worldwide. Look for drinks made with local and exotic artesian alcohols and make a few of [...]

Must-have Systems to Maximize Your POS System

By David Scott Peters I’m passionate about efficiency. Call me lucky because I’m one of those people who turned my passion into a career: helping independent restaurant and bar owners use systems [...]

Tricks for Hiring in Restaurants – Part 2

By David Scott Peters Last week we talked about the importance of the hiring process in your restaurant in Tricks for Hiring in Restaurants – Part 1. This week we will discuss what to do once you [...]