10 Ways to Control Food and Liquor Costs

Are you looking for ways to control food and liquor costs? If you’re like most restaurant owners you are. If you feel like your food cost is out of control and that your pour cost going up [...]

Why Managers Are Key to Restaurant Profits

Learn the one number you must know to have any chance of making money in the restaurant business as well as why managers are key to restaurant profits. Old timers in the restaurant business [...]

How to Train Servers to Sell

In your restaurant, do you have walking vending machines, or do you have salespeople? To learn why teaching your servers to sell is so important to your restaurant and how to train servers to [...]

Make More Money in Restaurant Business

Are you asking yourself why you can’t seem to make more money in the restaurant business? Did you always want to run a restaurant and make great food to create great experiences and [...]

How to Determine Your Restaurant Profit Margin

Are you wondering how to know what your restaurant profit margin should be? Let me tell you what it could be. Before you an determine where your restaurant’s profit margin should be, you [...]

How to Have Enough Managers to Run Your Restaurant

You need managers to help you run your restaurant, but how many are enough managers to run your restaurant? Watch this video to learn How to Have Enough Managers to Run Your Restaurant. You want [...]

How to Manage Food and Labor Costs in the Off Season

Do your restaurant food and labor costs go through the roof in the off season? Want to know how you can change that? Watch this video to learn how. If you own a restaurant that has any kind of [...]

How to Set Up a Restaurant Management Bonus Program – Video

Do your restaurant managers work for their bonus or do they act more like they’re entitled to it? Need help with creating a restaurant management bonus program for your restaurant? Watch [...]

How to Use a Budget to Predict Restaurant Profitability

If you wish you could make more money in your restaurant, let me tell you how to use this system: a restaurant budget. Have you ever said this? “I don’t need a restaurant budget. I know my [...]

How to Lower Food Cost Percentage with Recipe Costing Cards

There is one, and really only one, system that ultimately is the key to your restaurant running profitably. That system is recipe costing cards! Having recipe costing cards allows you to make [...]

Inside Look at Restaurant Workshop for Independent Restaurant Owners

Start the year right and make a decision to finally tackle the things in your business that you’ve been forced to put on the back burner. First priority – figuring out how to make [...]

Workshop in a Box – Best Price Ever

By David Scott Peters I’m cleaning out my product cabinet to make room for updated versions. You know what that means? SALE. This is a special offer for independent restaurant owners who [...]

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Eavesdrop on a Restaurant Mastermind Group Coaching Call on Great Promotions

Eavesdrop in on me as I conduct my Monthly Mastermind Group Coaching Call, as I share tips on running great restaurant promotions. This is only 10 minutes of a call that usually runs one hour [...]

Don’t Let Challenges Stop You

That’s right, the video blog is back! Today’s post is about not letting challenges stop you dead in your tracks and what successful people do instead. If you’re ready to take [...]