How to Create a Restaurant Budget

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Are you looking for how to create a restaurant budget, yet you’re having a hard time finding the right resources? You’re on the right track because you understand the importance of having a budget. Not everyone in the restaurant industry does. Every other industry works from a budget – yet it’s hard to find resources for restaurants. Without a budget in your restaurant, how do you know how much money you should be making? Watch this video or read below to learn how to create a restaurant budget.

If you don’t know what targets to hit in your restaurant, how do you know what success looks like? How do you provide enough for your family and keep your employees employed. A budget takes you from a reactive mode – constantly putting out fires and dealing with cash emergencies – to a proactive mode where you can plan for profits.

In this video, David shows you the process of budgeting using his Budget Creator Pro software, what his Members use for budgeting.

First you need to gather your sales for the last year. Start with any month – don’t wait to do a budget until January. You need a budget for the next 12 months starting whenever. Your budget is your plan for success going forward.

Watch the video above for a step-by-step demonstration for how to create a budget with software, to make it automatic and easy to adjust. Your budget is a living, breathing document and will be adjusted. With software, that makes it even easier to keep up with your budget.

If you’re sick and tired of getting to the end of the year and not having the money you expected, create a budget! If you’re ready to do it, we have a great special report that will take you through the exact process of creating a restaurant budget. I’ve broken the report into three parts.
– Part 1: Forecast your restaurant’s sales
– Part 2: Create the budget
– Part 3: Populate the budget

A restaurant budget is a document that keeps you headed in the right direction. Sure, you’ll make some missteps that may have to be corrected. Sure, you’ll encounter some unexpected events and expenses that will throw your budget off course. That’s normal. That’s business. Frankly, that’s life.

But without a restaurant budget, how do you know what to aim for, what goals to set? How do you know when you’ve exceeded your goals?

A restaurant budget will help you recover from unexpected road blocks and plan for potential challenges.

But the number one reason you should create a restaurant budget for your business is because it allows you to plan for profitability!

You probably get up every morning with the idea that you want to be profitable. But what kind of roadmap do you have to guide you there?

A restaurant budget is your map on the journey to profitability. It determines what you need to reach your goals and how to get you to your destination – successfully.

Once you have a budget, you won’t have to rely on your instincts and guesses anymore.

Erase your fear of budgets today and take control of your restaurants’ financial future.

If you would like to learn step by step how to create a budget, read our free special report, Erase Your Fear of Budgets Forever. Download it here. Be sure to visit our YouTube channel for more helpful restaurant management video tips. 

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