How to Lower Restaurant Labor Cost

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Want to lower restaurant labor cost? Look to your time clock. It’s a prime area where restaurant owners get robbed on labor costs. Theft happens at the time clock whenever you are not looking!

Watch this video to learn how to lower restaurant labor cost at the time clock.

You must, and I mean MUST, audit your timekeeping in your point of sale (POS) system.

This means checking and adjusting employee information in your POS to match what you currently pay each employee and make sure they are assigned to the right job codes.

For example, you might have hired a cook at $10 an hour two years ago who currently makes $11.25. Your payroll company knows that, but your POS probably still shows the cook at $10. You also have employees that work multiple positions, such as a server at $5 an hour and a server trainer at $8 an hour.

You need to make sure this is accurate and have the employee punch in and out in the correct job codes for budgeting to work.

Employees can easily steal from you by the hour and it adds up. If you want to make your money is safe, stop getting robbed at the time clock, pay attention to what people are supposed to be punching in at.

Keep honest people honest and let your employees know you’re watching.

Control it today and watch your restaurant labor cost drop.

Watch the video above to learn how to lower restaurant labor cost with the right pay rates and how employees are punching in.

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