On-Site Training and Coaching
for SMART Systems Pro

A service for Members looking to boost their use of SMART Systems Pro

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David Scott Peters recommends restaurant owners invest in an on-site restaurant consultant only if they are looking for solutions to be implemented quickly and have the money to pay for that speed. This is true when it comes to implementing SMART Systems Pro.

If you’re a restaurant owner who is excited to be using SMART Systems Pro and would like to have it all up and running as soon as possible, on-site consulting is for you.

TheRestaurantExpert.com’s very own Lisa Rath, restaurant coach and trainer, is available for on-site consulting, coaching and training.

  • Members
    • Expert coach spends two days on site
    • High-speed software implementation
    • Staff training included
    • Follow-up visits available
    • Travel not included

Sample 2 Day
On-Site Training

Day 1
  • Daily Paperwork
  • Enter Sales Forecast
  • Paid Outs
  • Invoice Log
  • End of Day ReportingPurchase Allotment System
  • Labor
  • Adding employees
  • Master Schedules
  • Labor Allotment
  • Scheduling


Day 2
  • Product Setup
  • Setting up Shelf to Sheet Inventory for front- and back-of- house
  • How to enter batch recipes
  • How to enter inventory
  • Using the Waste Sheet
  • Budget Variance Report Review

Your On-Site Coach

Lisa has been with TheRestaurantExpert.com since 2015 and works very closely with Chef Fred. She’s held various positions within restaurants, including server, manager, catering director and assistant manager. In fact, a little bit of trivia, her assistant manager position was at Coyote Springs Brewing Company, where she first met David.

Lisa travels to you for a two-day on-site visit. Prior to any onsite visit, our team will ensure you have an up-to- date budget completed, all your products in SMART Systems Pro made usable and all employees entered.

  • Lisa Rath Restaurant Coach and Trainer

    Lisa Rath is a restaurant coach and trainer for TheRestaurantExpert.com. She works with clients to jumpstart their systems and serves as an on-site consultant, teaching them how to implement the systems in SMART Systems Pro and get their management teams on board for consistent application within the business.

    Would you like to find out more about On-Site Software Training and Coaching for your restaurant? Call Gregg Sourbeck at 877-457-6487, ext. 106 or complete the form below, and Gregg will call you.