Restaurant Accountability


RESTAURANT ACCOUNTABILITY… Navigating Family, Partnerships and Running a Restaurant Profitably

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“Take Action at Home” Seminar Series

Now Available as a Recording Over the course of two days, team helped independent restaurant owners find the magic behind accountability during the two-day Take Action Seminar Series:

“RESTAURANT ACCOUNTABILITY… Navigating Family, Partnerships and Running a Restaurant Profitably”

The seminar recording covers four key topics:

  • Core values, mission statement, vision, dream, purpose… their importance and how to write them.
  • Organizational charts and how use them to assign responsibility, clarify roles and provide accountability.
  • Managers’ schedule… how to fill it and how to use the flexibility of using MITs (Managers in Training).
  • Importance of following systems and how to use them for accountability and success.
  • The package includes every minute of Day 1 which focuses on teaching you how to get focused in your restaurant, set goals and get everyone on the same page. It also comes with the seminar manual, complete with Day 2’s examples and exercises.

You weren’t able to attend this important two-day seminar in person, but you’ll feel like you were there with this essential recording and manual. Here’s the Deal: This special two day seminar was all about you, your relationships, your business and how to make them all fit together so that you can run a profitable restaurant. David Scott Peters, founder of and restaurant expert, along with his team of restaurant coaches spent two days teaching independent restaurant owners like you the four keys to navigating family, partnerships, relationships and running a restaurant profitably. Whether you have a family-owned restaurant, a not-so-silent partner or just want to learn how to better manage your relationships within your business, you’ll learn it all from this recording of the Take Action seminar.

Whether You’re Family-Run, Partner-Run or Running on Empty, You Can Make it Work Better

Whatever your business relationships are, you can implement strategies to improve them to be a more profitable and successful restaurant. The complete manual covers the advantages and disadvantages of relationships in business and gives you the tools you need to make it work for you rather than against you. It includes examples of organizational charts, job duties, job roles and exercises for writing and completing The Vision Equation. Pick up this amazing package for only $97 and learn how to establish these key components for your restaurant. RESTAURANT ACCOUNTABILITY

  • Including 88-Page Manual & Workbook, Audio files
  • Only $97, postpaid, with ONE-YEAR money-back guarantee


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