Restaurant Bonus Program


Creating a Motivating Bonus Program Is Easy as Filling in the Blanks!

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Creating a Motivating Bonus Program Is Easy as Filling in the Blanks!

Nowadays, a great bonus program is a MUST! With today’s big chains offering more money, health insurance, and profit sharing, it’s critical to offer your managers a financial incentive to keep them motivated and happy. And now it couldn’t be easier!Just fill in the blanks of my Bonus Structure Worksheetand you’re practically done. It’s that simple!


  • The #1 key to measuring management success
  • Exactly how to structure your bonus program so you don’t lose customers or money
  • Ask this one simple question and get your managers excited for your new bonus program
  • How to identify what your managers should be rewarded for.. and for how much.
  • How to put a program in place that doesn’t make your managers’ wallets fat and leave you feeling screwed! (This step alone can make or break your bank account.)
  • See and hear real-life examples of bonus programs from restaurant owners like you, from the simplest to the very complex.
  • Makes creating your own Bonus Program a breeze!

How to Structure a Restaurant Bonus Program:
Including 56-Page Manual, Workbook & 2 Audio Files
Only $87, postpaid, with ONE-YEAR money-back guarantee


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