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FACT: Sexual Harassment Might Cost You Your Restaurant!

Think this isn’t for you? WAKE UP! Not knowing your responsibilities.. not having sexual harassment training in place.. is as dangerous as driving STONE-COLD DRUNK!

FACT:EEOC Guidelines state that employers MUST provide anti-sexual harassment training. That’s why I created the ONLY Sexual Harassment Policy and Training Program specific to the restaurant industry.

Features everything you need to safeguard your business, including:

  • Policy and Training Manual:Written by Lindsay E. Jones, Esq., an employment law attorney at Gust Rosenfeld P.L.C. in Phoenix, Arizona. Clearly explains the law, your responsibilities, and what happens when a charge is filed against you.
  • My Live 54-Minute Workshop Video: “Preventing Unwelcome Conduct and What to Do When It Happens”helps keep you out of legal hot water that could financially cripple your business and shut it down forever. Recorded LIVE at one of my SMART Systems restaurant operations workshops.
  • Audio File: “Understanding the Law and Your Responsibilities”and..
  • Policy and Training Templates containing everything in the Policy and Training Manual in MS Word format. Easily edit for your own use and have your attorney review for your local/state laws.

You’d spend over $2,000 to create these documents from scratch with any competent employment law attorney. Order this inexpensive program NOW and you’ll feel better knowing you have the proper protections in place.

“I Can Be Sued for That?” Preventing & Handling Sexual Harassment:
Including Policy & Training Manual, Video and Audio files, Template files
Only $197, postpaid, with ONE-YEAR money-back guarantee


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