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Quarterly COGS Seminar

Learn how to immediately impact your bottom line, get more cash in the bank and motivate your employees.

Phoenix, Arizona / October 15

The Details

October 15, 2019

TheRestaurantExpert.com Training Facility
1125 W Pinnacle Peak Road, Ste. 105
Phoenix AZ 85027

FREE – Members
$149 – Non-Members


Join TheRestaurantExpert.com for a seminar devoted to helping you achieve the ideal prime cost to ensure you make money in your restaurant.

Prime cost is the combination of your total cost of goods sold and labor cost.

This prime cost seminar will focus on the systems you need to have in place to lower your restaurant’s total cost of goods sold to achieve the lowest prime cost possible.

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What you’ll learn

  • Why industry standards don’t apply
  • What expenses make up this magic number called prime cost
  • How to calculate this magic number and what makes it what it is
  • How to easily and quickly create a budget and become a proactive management team
  • Foolproof systems for reducing your food cost and making you more money
  • How to turn the product on your shelves into cash in the bank
  • How to cost out your recipes so that you make money on every menu item
  • How to use your Point of Sale System to measure how well your kitchen operates with one report
  • Menu engineering practices guaranteed to make you more money
  • Ways to improve your managers’ performance

Our Expert Presenter

  • Fred Langley Partner, Expert Coach and Director of Operations

    Fred Langley is the director of operations and a restaurant coach for TheRestaurantExpert.com. He leads the company’s consulting services, coaching members, conducting seminars and overseeing the training and technical support team for the company’s restaurant management software, SMART Systems Pro.