SMART Systems Pro

Software Designed Especially for You

Restaurant owners who use SMART Systems Pro see an immediate 5-7% decrease in restaurant costs.

SMART Systems Pro is an online restaurant management solution for independent restaurant owners. It will transform the way you do business, how you see your business and how you feel about your business.

The online program houses all the operational systems available from in one convenient and automatic location. These are the exact same operational systems that the big chain restaurants use to make their businesses easier to manage and extremely profitable.


Combined with coaching and training services, restaurant owners can achieve a 15-20% profit margin.


Restaurants bleed a lot of cash in labor because every time an employee clocks in, you owe money, whether you had sales or not. That’s why systems for cutting and controlling labor cost are essential.

Daily Paperwork

Daily Paperwork is the backbone to ALL your systems and sets you up for accurate tracking. With SMART Systems Pro, put all your numbers in once, tie all your systems together and hold your managers accountable.


Rising prices can reduce your profits, but they won’t as much as you might think. Instead, the real reason your food cost is so high is the lack of systems to control the food cost in your restaurant.


A successful restaurant operation depends on reliable employees who know when to show up and effective managers who know how to schedule. SMART Systems Pro eases and automates the schedule-making process, allowing restaurant owners to release the responsibility to managers.


To your staff, it’s simply an ounce of booze. To your customer, it’s a drink. But to your bank account, it’s like liquid gold! Using simple beverage/bar systems controls shows everyone how valuable each ounce really is.

Menu Engineering

The key to a restaurant’s profitability starts with the menu. SMART Systems Pro allows you to analyze your numbers and use them to your advantage in menu development and design. A properly engineered menu reduces food cost by 3-7 percent.

  • David and his team are honest, they’re legitimate, they’re straight up. He’s a no-BS kind of guy who will shoot it to you straight. I promise you, if you listen to him, you will see results if you implement his systems and his techniques.

    Ralph Lewis Okeechobee Steakhouse
  • After one year with we had saved about 9 points, which, on our sales, equated to $207,000. That has been life-changing. I guarantee you will make your life better.

    Kirby Walker Noodles Italian Kitchen and Nik’s Kitchen & Bar
  • Once we got SMART Systems Pro, and all these systems talked to each other, the results started to happen almost immediately. The coaches were really great at helping us find where we were. I couldn’t recommend everyone over at more highly.

    Peter Sclafani Ruffino’s
  • With software and guidance, we have reduced our food costs by 10% and reduced our prime cost from the 80% range to the 50% range.

    Chris Youngers Cafe Trio
  • After some time to get the systems in place, and utilizing the one-on-one coaching, we have gotten our prime cost down from 76% to 42%. If it wasn’t for I don’t know if I would still be in business today.

    Mark Link Uncle Bub’s BBQ
  • We knew we had to shake things up after a decade in business and David and his team were the perfect people to help. They were honest and direct. They told us what we were doing right – and where we needed improvement. Thanks to their guidance, we now look at our labor and food cost numbers daily, sometimes even hourly. This strategy allows us to make changes when we can still make a difference in our profitability. With tools and guidance, we have reduced our food costs by 10% and reduced our prime cost from the 80% range to the 50% range.

    Chris Youngers Café Trio
  • With the help of David and his team our cost of goods sold has decreased from the 35% range to the 27% range. Our continued goal is to drive labor and cost of goods sold down and keep them under wraps.

    Gaetano Williams Tano Bistro
  • Since becoming a member there has been a difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars in net profit per year. If you’re satisfied with losing money, then stay status quo. But if you don’t know where all of your money is going and you don't have the net profits you think you should have, if you don’t have your recipes costed, if your labor costs are out of control, then you need to work with

    Sandy Korem The Festive Kitchen