The Solution to Miscommunication in Restaurants

Communication in restaurants is key to getting anything done, from cleaning to profitability. The big communication challenge in restaurant management is making sure you get your message across [...]

5 Easy Menu Changes to Make More Money

As you look for ways to make more money in your restaurant, there are many tools you can use to influence purchasing behavior of customers in your restaurant. Here are 5 easy things you can do to [...]

Why to Lead with Courage

By Fred Langley Leading with courage is a lot easier said than done. But the most important thing to realize is that doing nothing because you’re afraid is worse than doing something you’re [...]

Five Steps for Controlling Your Bar Profits

To your staff it’s simply an ounce of booze. To your customer it’s a drink. But to your bank account it’s like prospecting for gold! While there are many simple systems you can put into place to [...]

A Story About Giving Up Control

I want to share a story with you. It’s the story of an incredibly talented young chef/restaurant owner. When I first met him, he was in his mid 20s. He had worked at one of the most prestigious [...]

Tips for Finding Great Talent

By Willis Getchell The scenario isn’t unusual. We’ve all done it. We’ve all been a terrible judge of someone’s talent and had it impact our business. A great example is a coach or scout in the [...]

Top 6 Restaurant Cash Handling Blunders You Must Stop

Each opportunity my team has to consult with you in your restaurant helps to make us better coaches. One of the things we’ve learned is that no matter what the restaurant owner says we need to [...]

A One-Day Restaurant Seminar

One-Day Seminar Teaches Tricks for Cutting Labor Costs Independent restaurant owners learn the systems they need to be more profitable (PHOENIX – Jan. 14, 2014) The coaches at [...]

A Rant: Things that Drive Me Crazy in Restaurants

By David Scott Peters OK, I have never done this before… I’ve got to RANT! I have been in the restaurant business for 30-plus years. I started dishwashing when I was underage, then worked for my [...]

How to Keep Restaurant Customers Coming Back

In writing this article I was reminded of David Scott Peters’ article, “Top 6 Reasons Why Restaurant Customers Don’t Come Back.” In this article, the top two reasons customers [...]

Six Restaurant Systems to Use to Avoid Failure

How do you avoid failure — small or epic? It’s simple really. You plan for success. You put yourself and your restaurant in a prepared state that can handle anything that is thrown at it. [...]

The Importance of a Budget

Have you ever said this? “I don’t need a restaurant budget. I know my numbers.” You certainly aren’t the first restaurant owner to say it. And for some reason “budget” is a bad [...]

3 Most Popular Problem-Solving Posts

Have you read these? The following articles are three of our most popular on this blog. And it’s no surprise really because these tackle some of the biggest issues independent restaurant [...]

Are Dead Skunks Spoiling Your Restaurant Business?

By Brad Hackert I’ve found that in most restaurants, when an owner implements systems and procedures, management can get a little too focused. They tend to focus on daily tasks and miss the [...]

How to Define Chef in Your Restaurant

I believe the term/title chef means “manager” when used in a restaurant or hotel setting. I believe that the title/term chef is a combination of those two definitions. That definition might look [...]

Ensure Your Team’s Success

  By David Scott Peters It’s your job to make sure everyone – especially management – is successful! NIGYSOB In 1964, Eric Berne’s bestselling book, “Games People Play,” was [...]

Restaurant Expert to Present at Florida Food and Beverage Show

  Speaker Invites Independent Restaurant Owners to Learn How to Achieve Success Restaurant expert presents restaurant success strategies at America’s Food and Beverage Show (Phoenix, Ariz.) [...]

David Scott Peters to Present at the Atlanta Foodservice Expo

Speaker to Tackle Big Issues for Independent Restaurant Owners Restaurant expert presents restaurant success strategies at Atlanta Foodservice Expo Phoenix, Ariz. – David Scott Peters, restaurant [...]

My Top 10 Lessons Learned for Running a Restaurant

In celebration of the past 10 years, here are 10 key lessons about running a restaurant I want to share with you. I’ve picked these up along the way from all the incredible people my team and I [...]

Cost of Goods Sold for Restaurants

  What does cost of goods sold refer to? In the most basic terms, cost of goods sold is “the cost of the product used to generate sales.” The cost of goods sold calculation is used to [...]