Top 3 Tips for How to Run a Restaurant

Are you looking for that recipe for success for how to run a restaurant? Here are the top 3 tips for not only how to run a restaurant, but how to run a profitable and fun restaurant. No. 1 Tip [...]

Tips for Finding Great Talent

By Willis Getchell The scenario isn’t unusual. We’ve all done it. We’ve all been a terrible judge of someone’s talent and had it impact our business. A great example is a coach or scout in the [...]

Restaurant Profits Can Be a Simple Math Problem

By Fred Langley Oh how I wish achieving profitability was only a simple math problem. But the real issues that hold restaurant owners back from achieving their desired profitability are mostly [...]

Enter to Win Restaurant Workshop Tickets

  By David Scott Peters This month we’re celebrating our 10-year business anniversary! I’m so excited about this milestone. Mostly because getting to 10 years is a big deal, but also because [...]

Four Things Restaurant Owners Should Never Say – #2

Everyone has a phrase that when they hear it, they just want to go nuts. For me, there are four phrases that are like nails on a chalkboard. And I probably hear one of these phrases on a weekly [...]

Do You Have an Expo Job in Your Full-Service Restaurant?

Why should you have an expo job in your restaurant? I want you to reflect on your restaurant for a moment. Think about times when your restaurant is operating at its best and when it’s not. Do [...]

The Most Important Rule with Restaurant Systems

Success with restaurant systems involves more tough love. Believe it or not, implementing systems is the easy part. Anyone can start and finish a project. It’s what you do after you implement [...]

Quiz for Restaurant Owners

By David Scott Peters Take this self-quiz to measure your fit with my upcoming workshop. At dinnertime, do you often have more empty seats than customers? Your sales are up, but your profits are [...]

Make Your Restaurant Fun and Profitable in the New Year

By David Scott Peters The end of a year often gives us opportunity to reflect on our successes and not-so-impressive moments from the past 12 months. Now is the time to take inventory and decide [...]

Gearing Up and Gearing Down Part 2 – How to forecast sales and identify your seasons

By David Scott Peters Last week, in Gearing Up and Gearing Down Part 1, we talked about the importance of planning ahead and “gearing up” for your restaurant’s season. This week we will discuss [...]

Gearing Up and Gearing Down Part 1 – Knowing your sales cycle will make you more money

By David Scott Peters The difference between making money and losing money in the restaurant business depends on how well you gear up and gear down. Proper planning truly has a major impact on [...]

How to Effectively Train Seasonal Restaurant Employees

You’ve heard me tell you the importance of investing in training your staff and seasonal restaurant employees are no different. You know proper training will increase your sales and customer [...]

Add more revenue through CATERING

A letter from David Scott Peters: As a restaurant owner, you are always looking for ways to capitalize on your existing customer base and increase the frequency of their visits. And a few new [...]

How to use the key item report and waste sheet for optimal food cost control

When food costs rise, profit margins sink and restaurant owners must take action. In the last few weeks, you learned about the key item report, and the waste sheet. Now I will share one final [...]

Top 3 three tips for managing employees

By David Scott Peters Are you having trouble with labor costs and retention? Here are my top tips for managing employees: 1. How to hire your ideal employee. 2. How to retain good employees. 3. [...]

How to increase profit margins with a waste sheet

When food costs rise, profit margins sink and restaurant owners must take action. Last week, I outlined one of two simple tools you can use to lower your food costs, the key item report. This [...]

Tip of the day – How to make the most of the POS

By David Scott Peters Point of sale (POS) system is an expensive investment that must be fully utilized for its time-saving and valuable reporting features. Here are a few tips for making the [...]

How to monitor food profit margins with a key item report

When food costs rise, profit margins sink and restaurant owners must take action. And one vital solution is the key item report. The key item report is a daily tracking tool that puts the [...]

Tip of the day – Spill-proof spirits

By David Scott Peters Are you serving liquor in your restaurant? Did you know if you don’t watch prices you may be pouring profits down the drain? Review these tips for more information: 1. [...]

Inside Look at Restaurant Workshop for Independent Restaurant Owners

Start the year right and make a decision to finally tackle the things in your business that you’ve been forced to put on the back burner. First priority – figuring out how to make [...]

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