Restaurant Prime Cost Formula

  The restaurant prime cost formula is the most important calculation in your restaurant. I bet you’ve heard that a typical restaurant makes a nickel to 8 cents on every dollar they bring [...]

Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales

Do you wish you had higher sales in your restaurant? Would you like to learn ways to increase restaurant sales easily? This video tip offers two ideas to increase restaurant sales. The best way [...]

How to Give Your Restaurant Guests a Great Dining Experience

As a starting point, let’s agree we are not in the restaurant business. Nope, we are in the hospitality business. If the restaurant business was about competing only on the food we prepared [...]

Get Over What COULD Happen and Make SOMETHING Happen

  The little boy answered, “I know, but this way I know I won’t make any mistakes and won’t hurt myself.” Once there was a little boy who wanted to learn how to ride a bike. He asked for a bike [...]

A Story About Giving Up Control

I want to share a story with you. It’s the story of an incredibly talented young chef/restaurant owner. When I first met him, he was in his mid 20s. He had worked at one of the most prestigious [...]

Why You Have to Give Up Control in Your Restaurant to Get Control

As coaches and consultants, we often run into a large roadblock. This roadblock can often stop the process of implementing systems, stall the process of making more money and often derail the [...]

Why the Vision for Your Business Is Key to Its Success

What was your dream when you opened your restaurant? Did you have a clear vision? Are you where you thought you would be? How about now? Do you know where your company is headed today? What [...]

A Rant: Things that Drive Me Crazy in Restaurants

By David Scott Peters OK, I have never done this before… I’ve got to RANT! I have been in the restaurant business for 30-plus years. I started dishwashing when I was underage, then worked for my [...]

The Importance of a Budget

Have you ever said this? “I don’t need a restaurant budget. I know my numbers.” You certainly aren’t the first restaurant owner to say it. And for some reason “budget” is a bad [...]

Are Dead Skunks Spoiling Your Restaurant Business?

By Brad Hackert I’ve found that in most restaurants, when an owner implements systems and procedures, management can get a little too focused. They tend to focus on daily tasks and miss the [...]

Look to Descending Reports to Cut Costs

For the greatest impact on your bottom line, we always encourage working from descending dollar and descending case reports when tracking food items. To start, tracking the food items with your [...]

How to Define Chef in Your Restaurant

I believe the term/title chef means “manager” when used in a restaurant or hotel setting. I believe that the title/term chef is a combination of those two definitions. That definition might look [...]

David Scott Peters to Present at the Atlanta Foodservice Expo

Speaker to Tackle Big Issues for Independent Restaurant Owners Restaurant expert presents restaurant success strategies at Atlanta Foodservice Expo Phoenix, Ariz. – David Scott Peters, restaurant [...]

My Top 10 Lessons Learned for Running a Restaurant

In celebration of the past 10 years, here are 10 key lessons about running a restaurant I want to share with you. I’ve picked these up along the way from all the incredible people my team and I [...]

Cut Food Costs at this One-Day Seminar

  Restaurant Seminar Teaches Systems and Shortcuts Independent restaurant owners invited to learn ways to cut costs and increase sales What: Controlling the Most Important Number in Your [...]

Cost of Goods Sold for Restaurants

  What does cost of goods sold refer to? In the most basic terms, cost of goods sold is “the cost of the product used to generate sales.” The cost of goods sold calculation is used to [...]

Easy Way to Increase Revenues for the Holidays

By David Scott Peters Most independents don’t take advantage of gift cards like the major chains do. Any major restaurant chain — Applebee’s, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc. — does a big [...]

Beware: Loyalty Program Scam

By David Scott Peters I believe loyalty programs are a must. In fact, they’re about the only coupon activity I recommend. But left unchecked, dishonest managers, servers, bartenders and [...]

Cutting Food Costs with a Prime Vendor Agreement

By David Scott Peters I put up a blog post about using a prime vendor agreement to cut food costs in your restaurant. I want to expand a little bit on the prime vendor agreement here. Before you [...]

Deadline Approaching for Affordable Care Act Notification

If you are an employer subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act (if you’re required to pay minimum wage), you are required to let your employees know about: Healthcare exchanges Subsidies that may [...]