Tricks for managing restaurant labor costs

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Track labor daily Just as you track your sales on a daily basis to see how you are doing and to see if you are on target for your budget [...]

Ways to Make Restaurant Employee Happy

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week A Request is a request Remember scheduling requests are just that: requests. The needs of the business must come first. With that said, hourly [...]

How to Hit a Home Run in Restaurant Labor Controls

Restaurant labor controls are your sure-fire way around the bases FAST To make money in the restaurant business, you have to hit a home run with your restaurant labor controls. Yes, the small [...]

How Many Restaurant Employees Do You Need?

By David Scott Peters How many times have you asked your management team if they have enough people hired to fill the schedule and they waved you away with an impatient, “yes”? But the next thing [...]

Restaurant Myths and Facts

Myth or fact? In a family-run business, it’s easiest and best to just keep doing things the way they’ve always been done. Myth It’s not uncommon to hear, “that’s how we’ve always done it,” when I [...]

Tricks for Hiring in Restaurants

When it comes to hiring in restaurants, your general manager should be your right-hand person. The one person you can count on to operate your restaurant the right way. After all, you can’t [...]

Plan for the BIG days – Part 3

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Know when Friday isn’t Friday anymore One of the easiest things to overlook is when planning for the BIG days is noting which day the event fell. [...]

Avoid This Bartender Scam – No. 1

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Avoid This Bartender Scam The short pour shorts you and your customer. Here’s how the short pour bartender scam works: A bar customer orders a gin [...]

Make Writing the Schedule Easy and Efficient

By David Scott Peters Weekly Restaurant Tip Adopt a Master Schedule You can make writing the schedule easy and efficient — every time — with a master schedule. It is possible. For each area of [...]

Restaurant Tip for Today

Let your bartenders give drinks for free. Your bartenders are giving away drinks, whether you admit it or not. So why don’t you give them permission to do it and then track it? Empower your [...]

The Restaurant Expert on Cutting Labor Costs

By David Scott Peters I was recently interviewed for my suggestions for reducing employee timeclock abuse for an online newsletter from American Express. Look for my suggestions for how to cut [...]

5 MORE Critical Points of Contact in Your Restaurant*

*From FohBoh – my FohBohist contribution for this week. By David Scott Peters In an article I wrote for my June member newsletter, I offered five critical points of contact in every [...]

Five Systems for Controlling Labor Costs in Your Restaurant

By David Scott Peters On Monday, May 18 from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. I am presenting an education session at the National Restaurant Association’s annual trade show in Chicago. In the [...]