Why Are Recipe Costing Cards Important?

Ever wonder why are recipe costing cards important? Why you have to do them? After all, you generally know what your protein costs. You generally know what the rice costs. You think you can price [...]

How to Set Restaurant Menu Prices

Have you ever wondered how to set restaurant menu prices? Have you ever heard the “three-time markup” or average recommendations? I go nuts when I hear those kinds of blanket [...]

Your Profitability is A Simple Word Problem

There is one, and really only one, system that ultimately is the key to your restaurant running profitably. And that simple system is so easy even a junior high school student could follow it. [...]

How NOT to Mangle a Menu Update

Recently I was elated to find one of my local restaurants did a menu update after what seemed like years! The menus arrived at the tables nicely creased and with vivid colors on the cover, and I [...]

What to Consider When Serving Salmon in Your Restaurant

By Chef Willis Getchell, M.Ed, CEC Fish Farming is one of the fastest growing forms of food production in the world. Nearly half the seafood eaten around the world is farm-raised. A burgeoning [...]

Holiday menus drive restaurant profits

By Willis Getchell, CEC, Lead Chef Instructor, Scottsdale Culinary Institute’s Le Cordon Bleu The holiday season is a great time to design limited menus, for capturing the harried shopper, or [...]

Start the New Year Off Right with Catering and Big Profits – Part 1

By Sandy Korem A restaurant has downtime every day and if you want to bring in a big profit revenue stream, catering is your answer. I have owned an off-site catering company for 20 years and in [...]

5 Easy Menu Changes to Make More Money in the New Year

By David Scott Peters As you plan for the year ahead, there are many tools you can use to influence purchasing behavior of customers in your restaurant. Here are 5 easy things you can do to your [...]

Add more revenue through CATERING

A letter from David Scott Peters: As a restaurant owner, you are always looking for ways to capitalize on your existing customer base and increase the frequency of their visits. And a few new [...]

How to use the key item report and waste sheet for optimal food cost control

When food costs rise, profit margins sink and restaurant owners must take action. In the last few weeks, you learned about the key item report, and the waste sheet. Now I will share one final [...]

How to increase profit margins with a waste sheet

When food costs rise, profit margins sink and restaurant owners must take action. Last week, I outlined one of two simple tools you can use to lower your food costs, the key item report. This [...]

Set Prices to Avoid Mistakes – Part 3

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week List the sale prices for each product in the operation’s liquor inventory with a corresponding portion. For example, the listed sale price for an [...]

Set Prices to Avoid Mistakes – Part 2

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Keep drink prices based only on quarters. Prices ending in 25 cents, 50 cents or 75 cents are easier for bartenders and servers to add mentally. [...]

In Your Restaurant PLAN for the Big Days – Part 2

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Make a special event and holiday checklist Piggybacking on the tip, “Plan for the Big Day – Part 1,” develop a checklist so [...]

Know What to Charge in Your Restaurant

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Maximize your profit potential Pricing is a critical decision for any operator. So how do you figure out what to charge? It’s up to you to decide [...]

Recipe Costing Cards

There is one system your restaurant must have to survive and most independent restaurant owners are bypassing it completely: menu costing to develop recipe costing cards. Going through the [...]

Offer the Right Mix to Get the Most Customers for Your Restaurant

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Don’t Lose Out on Customers Because Your Offerings Are Limited You know how Mexican restaurants always have the American hamburger on their menu? [...]

Restaurant menu engineering

By David Scott Peters There was an article on Salon.com that is important for every independent restaurant owner to read. This article talks about the menu engineering tricks employed by [...]

Run Item-By-Item Sales Mix Report on Your POS System

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Item-by-item shows you dollar-for-dollar If you have a POS system, then you have the ability to run an item-by-item sales mix report. And this [...]

How Restaurant Menu Engineering Really Works

Restaurant menu engineering is about more than adding pictures. There are so many places in your restaurant where you can make money or save money. But there is no single place as powerful or [...]

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