How to Create a Restaurant Budget

Are you looking for how to create a restaurant budget, yet you’re having a hard time finding the right resources? You’re on the right track because you understand the importance of [...]

Top 3 Tips for How to Run a Restaurant

Are you looking for that recipe for success for how to run a restaurant? Here are the top 3 tips for not only how to run a restaurant, but how to run a profitable and fun restaurant. No. 1 Tip [...]

How to Set a Budget for Comps in Your Restaurant

  In the hospitality industry, comps happen on a routine basis. We see a regular at our bar and sometimes just buy them a drink to thank them for making our bar their home away from home. We [...]

Tips for Using a Restaurant Budget

Most all independent restaurant owners use their “gut” to budget their restaurants instead of the real numbers. I’m here to tell you that it’s not enough. Your restaurant budget is a guide to [...]

3 Parts of a Restaurant Owner’s Job

Hey there, restaurant owner, I have a question for you. What is a restaurant owner’s job? What should a restaurant owner be working on? I hope you don’t tell me: Working the line [...]

A Restaurant Owner’s Job Includes Budgets

I am a broken record at times, repeating the same messages over and over again. I know it! Certain messages are that damn important. I teach that the two most important systems any restaurant [...]

Six Restaurant Systems to Use to Avoid Failure

How do you avoid failure — small or epic? It’s simple really. You plan for success. You put yourself and your restaurant in a prepared state that can handle anything that is thrown at it. [...]

The Importance of a Budget

Have you ever said this? “I don’t need a restaurant budget. I know my numbers.” You certainly aren’t the first restaurant owner to say it. And for some reason “budget” is a bad [...]

My Top 10 Lessons Learned for Running a Restaurant

In celebration of the past 10 years, here are 10 key lessons about running a restaurant I want to share with you. I’ve picked these up along the way from all the incredible people my team and I [...]

Restaurant Labor Systems Seminar

By David Scott Peters I hope you can join me and my team on July 8 for a one-day seminar devoted to labor systems. The focus is decreasing your prime cost by tackling the second half of the prime [...]

Four Things Restaurant Owners Should Never Say

Everyone has a phrase that when they hear it, they just want to go nuts. For me, there are four phrases that are like nails on a chalkboard. And I probably hear one of these phrases on a weekly [...]

How to Stop Theft in Your Restaurant – A Miniseries – Part 2

As we discussed in the first post in this series, people steal. And their theft is a reality of doing business. I promised in that post to tell you how we were going to stop theft in your [...]

Profitably is Priority #1 for Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, your top priority for your restaurant is to be profitable. These are my unyielding words of advice for every independent restaurant owner who forgets all the people [...]

Gearing Up and Gearing Down Part 2 – How to forecast sales and identify your seasons

By David Scott Peters Last week, in Gearing Up and Gearing Down Part 1, we talked about the importance of planning ahead and “gearing up” for your restaurant’s season. This week we will discuss [...]

How to use the key item report and waste sheet for optimal food cost control

When food costs rise, profit margins sink and restaurant owners must take action. In the last few weeks, you learned about the key item report, and the waste sheet. Now I will share one final [...]

How to monitor food profit margins with a key item report

When food costs rise, profit margins sink and restaurant owners must take action. And one vital solution is the key item report. The key item report is a daily tracking tool that puts the [...]

Restaurant Budget is Key to Success

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week It all goes back to staying in budget Do you want to know why inventory turns are so important? Knowing your inventory turns will help you stay in [...]

Accrual Accounting for Restaurants

So, what is accrual accounting for restaurants? I advise all of my members – independent restaurant owners like you – to set up their businesses on an accrual accounting basis. [...]

Make Long-Term Cash Flow Projections for Your Restaurant

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Once you get in the habit of projecting your cash flow on a monthly and even a weekly basis, you’ll start to see trends and be able to project [...]

Restaurant Cash Flow

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Project your cash flow As the old adage goes, cash is king. You must find a balance between cash availability and cash needed. Projecting your [...]

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