How to Track Restaurant Sales Correctly

There is a right way to track restaurant sales to ensure you are accurately calculating your restaurant prime cost, which is your guiding number for profitability. Just in case you’re new to the [...]

Restaurant Prime Cost Formula

  The restaurant prime cost formula is the most important calculation in your restaurant. I bet you’ve heard that a typical restaurant makes a nickel to 8 cents on every dollar they bring [...]

How to Lower Restaurant Labor Cost

Want to lower restaurant labor cost? Look to your time clock. It’s a prime area where restaurant owners get robbed on labor costs. Theft happens at the time clock whenever you are not [...]

Use Descending Dollar Report to Lower Food Cost

Want to reduce your food cost by 3-5% buying the same products you’re buying today? I’m going to show you how. In this video I explain which report to order from your distributor to [...]

What Is Your Restaurant’s Ideal Prime Cost Makeup

I bet you’ve heard that a typical restaurant makes a nickel to 8 cents on every dollar they bring in. I bet you’ve heard about the study Ohio State University did more than a decade ago where [...]

Tips for Using a Restaurant Budget

Most all independent restaurant owners use their “gut” to budget their restaurants instead of the real numbers. I’m here to tell you that it’s not enough. Your restaurant budget is a guide to [...]

Use Recipe Costing Cards to Keep Restaurant and Catering Costs Separate

Recipe Costing Cards Keep Restaurant and Catering Costs Separate Most restaurant owners who launch or already have a catering division ask me for tips on keeping the costs of their two businesses [...]

Keeping Food Costs Straight: Restaurant vs. Catering

Keeping Catering Costs Separate from Restaurant Costs A great way to make more money in your restaurant is to increase sales in the restaurant without adding more seats. Catering magically [...]

A Restaurant Owner’s Job Is to be a Leader

To be successful in the restaurant business takes strong leadership. And the reality is restaurant leadership doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In this post I reviewed why a restaurant [...]

3 Parts of a Restaurant Owner’s Job

Hey there, restaurant owner, I have a question for you. What is a restaurant owner’s job? What should a restaurant owner be working on? I hope you don’t tell me: Working the line [...]

A Restaurant Owner’s Job Includes Budgets

I am a broken record at times, repeating the same messages over and over again. I know it! Certain messages are that damn important. I teach that the two most important systems any restaurant [...]

A Restaurant Owner’s Job Is Growing the Business

Your job as the restaurant owner is to work on growing your restaurant. Whether that’s sales, new revenue streams or additional locations. If no one is focused on growth, it’s not going to [...]

Top 4 Ways to Use a Restaurant Manager Log

A restaurant manager log is a useful tool to improve communication in your restaurant and to better hold your management team accountable. The improved communication that results from the manager [...]

Top 5 Misuses of a Restaurant Manager Log

One of the greatest challenges with a manager log of any form is the misuse of this very important legal document. Here are some of the most common misuses: The Bitch Session! Often managers feel [...]

Why Restaurant Manager Logs Are So Important

There is one simple tool that can have a great impact on your business. It’s so simple, that sometimes people take it for granted or don’t even use it: restaurant manager logs. While restaurant [...]

5 Mistakes NEW Restaurant Managers Make

Let me help you find your next restaurant managers. To do this I want to point you inside your four walls. Look to your line employee ranks, which is optimal for several reasons: 1) You have [...]

Servers’ Bad Behaviors that Hurt Your Restaurant

By Willis Getchell Although I spend most of my time in the back of the house, I spend a fair amount of time eating in restaurants. We all know that the reputation of a restaurant can be made or [...]

4 Things Restaurant Owners Should Never Say – Redux

Everyone has a phrase that when they hear it, they just want to go nuts. For me, there are four phrases that are like nails on a chalkboard. And I probably hear one of these phrases on a weekly [...]

How to Grow Your Employees into Management

I tell all the restaurant owners I meet: You need help. You cannot do everything we teach on your own. And really, it’s pretty simple to say, “I need help.” The challenge is getting the help. [...]

One-Day Workshop for Restaurant Owners

Independent restaurant owners invited to learn ways to cut costs and increase sales Controlling the Most Important Number in Your Restaurant… Prime Cost with a focus on Labor Costs Presented by [...]