How to Schedule Enough People with Certainty

How many times have you asked your management team if they have enough people hired to fill the schedule and they waved you away with an impatient, “yes”? But the next thing you know your [...]

Restaurant Labor Systems Seminar

By David Scott Peters I hope you can join me and my team on July 8 for a one-day seminar devoted to labor systems. The focus is decreasing your prime cost by tackling the second half of the prime [...]

How to Stop Theft in Your Restaurant – A Miniseries – Part 2

As we discussed in the first post in this series, people steal. And their theft is a reality of doing business. I promised in that post to tell you how we were going to stop theft in your [...]

Are You a Crazy Maker in Your Restaurant?

I recently developed a matrix to help me work more efficiently with my members and workshop attendees. I call it the Restaurant Owner Matrix. It is a compilation of nearly a decade of my work [...]

How to increase profit margins with a waste sheet

When food costs rise, profit margins sink and restaurant owners must take action. Last week, I outlined one of two simple tools you can use to lower your food costs, the key item report. This [...]

How to Hit a Home Run in Restaurant Labor Controls

Restaurant labor controls are your sure-fire way around the bases FAST To make money in the restaurant business, you have to hit a home run with your restaurant labor controls. Yes, the small [...]

Restaurant Myths and Facts

Myth or fact? There’s no need to write down your mission. After all, you’ve told people what they’re supposed to do and they should just do it. Myth Write your mission statement down and then [...]

Restaurant Myths and Facts

Myth or fact? Family-run businesses should have an organizational chart. Fact In a family-owned restaurant there are official roles and job duties. But oftentimes there are also unofficial roles [...]

Restaurant Myths and Facts

Myth or fact? There’s no reason to assign roles in a family-run restaurant because everyone knows their place. Myth Ha! This one makes me laugh out loud. It is a complete misnomer to think that [...]

Restaurant Myths and Facts

Myth or fact? In a family-run business, it’s easiest and best to just keep doing things the way they’ve always been done. Myth It’s not uncommon to hear, “that’s how we’ve always done it,” when I [...]

A Good Restaurant Manager Has Big Impact

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Hire a Good Manager to Improve Business Think hiring a good manager isn’t that important? Just take a look at what a manager with good [...]

Measure Restaurant Sales to Determine Labor Needs

Creating the schedule in a restaurant is like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle. A proper functioning schedule is vital to your business. But putting all the right people in all the right [...]

Five Systems for Controlling Labor Costs in Your Restaurant

By David Scott Peters On Monday, May 18 from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. I am presenting an education session at the National Restaurant Association’s annual trade show in Chicago. In the [...]