Top 6 Reasons Why Restaurant Customers Don’t Come Back

I’ve been working on a presentation for a speaking engagement I have coming up, and I’m covering one of my favorite topics: why customers don’t come back. I wanted to cover this [...]

Top Trick to Hold Your Management Accountable

Once you start using systems, your job is to hold your management accountable. As I’ve explained in previous posts, the secret to it all is checklists that keep your team on task and [...]

The Most Important Rule with Restaurant Systems

Success with restaurant systems involves more tough love. Believe it or not, implementing systems is the easy part. Anyone can start and finish a project. It’s what you do after you implement [...]

Where to Start with Restaurant Systems

What can restaurant systems do for your restaurant business? You know you have a responsibility to be profitable and that you have to be firm in your expectations with your management team. But [...]

How to Stop Theft in Your Restaurant – A Miniseries – Part 2

As we discussed in the first post in this series, people steal. And their theft is a reality of doing business. I promised in that post to tell you how we were going to stop theft in your [...]

Tricks to Hiring in Restaurants – Part 1

By David Scott Peters Your general manager should be your right hand person; the one person you can count on to operate your restaurant the correct way. After all, you can’t be there all the [...]

Make Your Restaurant Fun and Profitable in the New Year

By David Scott Peters The end of a year often gives us opportunity to reflect on our successes and not-so-impressive moments from the past 12 months. Now is the time to take inventory and decide [...]

Establishing Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

By David Scott Peters Your USP is what differentiates you from all the other restaurants out there – especially the restaurants that look, smell and taste like yours. It’s the compilation [...]

Free Webinar About Groupon for Restaurants

GROUPON KILLS RESTAURANTS! How not to fall victim. It doesn’t matter how much money you bring in at the register. It’s what you do with those sales. With this lesson as the [...]

Benefits of a daily pre-shift meeting

A daily pre-shift meeting is your opportunity to communicate with your employees. Just take a look at some of the benefits: 1) Creating a positive work environment – a pre-shift ensures that your [...]

Are You a Crazy Maker in Your Restaurant?

I recently developed a matrix to help me work more efficiently with my members and workshop attendees. I call it the Restaurant Owner Matrix. It is a compilation of nearly a decade of my work [...]

Top 3 three tips for managing employees

By David Scott Peters Are you having trouble with labor costs and retention? Here are my top tips for managing employees: 1. How to hire your ideal employee. 2. How to retain good employees. 3. [...]

How to increase profit margins with a waste sheet

When food costs rise, profit margins sink and restaurant owners must take action. Last week, I outlined one of two simple tools you can use to lower your food costs, the key item report. This [...]

How to monitor food profit margins with a key item report

When food costs rise, profit margins sink and restaurant owners must take action. And one vital solution is the key item report. The key item report is a daily tracking tool that puts the [...]

Tip of the day – Spill-proof spirits

By David Scott Peters Are you serving liquor in your restaurant? Did you know if you don’t watch prices you may be pouring profits down the drain? Review these tips for more information: 1. [...]

Ways to Make Restaurant Employee Happy

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week A Request is a request Remember scheduling requests are just that: requests. The needs of the business must come first. With that said, hourly [...]

Identify theft behind the bar

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Here are some of the most common ways bartenders steal: 1. Over-pouring 2. Giving away free drinks 3. Collecting the correct amount of money and [...]

How to receive beer orders at your restaurant’s back door

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Tips on checking in draft beer When the beer driver brings an order into your restaurant, train them to stack the delivery outside the cooler. [...]

Serve Beer with Style

By David Scott Peters Restaurant Tip of the Week Why would you pour a draft beer in a glass and leave a one-inch head? The answer is the three Ps: Presentation – a draft beer that has a one-inch [...]

Save the Date for this Restaurant Workshop

It’s New Year’s Resolution time. This year, did you make some of the resolutions common to independent restaurant owners? A promise to get your life back and work fewer hours? How about to [...]

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