3 Examples of a Great Restaurant Unique Selling Proposition

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Several years ago I wrote an article entitled, “The Magic Pill for Marketing Success!” I’m talking about a restaurant unique selling proposition or more simply, your USP. And while no one in the world can sell you that magic pill, your restaurant unique selling proposition is as close to a magic pill as you can get.

In layman’s terms, your USP is the description or defining characteristics of what makes you different from all the other restaurants out there, especially those restaurants that look, smell and taste like yours. It’s the compilation of things that clearly separate you from the pack.

A USP can be short and simple. The most important part is that it is very clear to your customer. To give you an idea of what a restaurant unique selling proposition looks like, here are 3 great examples from current and past members:

This restaurant is not your typical delivery Chinese food restaurant. They employ only chefs from China who are trained in the ancient art of wok cooking called “wok hey.” They use nothing but the finest, freshest, high-end ingredients. All this is communicated by: “Authentic Gourmet Chinese Cuisine Delivered to Your Door.”

This Italian restaurant is displaced in a small summer town. It serves foods with original flavors from Italy made true to the regions they come from. It’s a restaurant where ingredients matter as much as how they are prepared. It is not the typical Italian food the chain restaurants mass produce from a freezer bag. No, this restaurant communicates its differentiating points with: “Simply Authentic Italian.”

The final USP example I am going to give you is probably the MOST used USP that I know. It is simply stating what every restaurant does already, that is guarantee that your meal will be what you expect, that you will like it, or you will not pay for it if it can’t be replaced. While all restaurants do this, or should, it’s another thing to tell your existing and potential customers that you are so confident in what you offer that you’ll communicate that clearly with: “You’ll Love Your Meal or… It’s FREE!”

Take the time to develop and determine a restaurant unique selling proposition. Not only will it help you focus on the strengths and goals of your establishment, but will also communicate to your customers why they should visit your restaurant instead of a competitor’s location.

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