What We Offer

Members Get the Benefits

TheRestaurantExpert.com is membership-based. For a monthly subscription, Members get coaching and training services along with our full-scale online restaurant management software.

Every Member receives a monthly one-on-one call with their restaurant coach. Your coach helps you identify your biggest challenges, sets goals for overcoming them and then holds you accountable for achieving your goals.


SMART Systems Pro is a complete restaurant management software program that covers the front of house operations, kitchen systems, back-office systems and everything in between. It was created for you, the independent restaurant owner, to tie all your systems together, to simplify the management process and to allow you to access your numbers from anywhere. It’s an all-in-one solution that allows you to hold your management team accountable, ensure your guests are having a great experience every time and work on your business rather than in it.


Not only is our software designed specifically for the needs of independent restaurant owners, but the ongoing coaching and training opportunities make sure you maximize the benefits of the software. Plus, technical support is free!


You can buy the tools and gadgets that promise profits, but learning how to run a profitable restaurant is key. TheRestaurantExpert.com offers several opportunities to advance your restaurant operation knowledge and skills, from accounting basics to leadership. Between the semi-annual three-day workshop, our quarterly one-day workshop and our specialized regional workshops, there is no shortage of chances to increase your knowledge as a restaurant owner.

On top of these operational workshops, every Member is invited to attend the near-monthly software training classes held in Phoenix in our on-site training facility. These trainings last two days, are free for Members and provide our Members the opportunity to master the software that is so essential to running a successful and profitable restaurant.

SMART Systems Pro

Software Designed Especially for You

Restaurant owners who use SMART Systems Pro see an immediate 5-7% decrease in restaurant costs.

SMART Systems Pro is an online restaurant management solution for independent restaurant owners. It will transform the way you do business, how you see your business and how you feel about your business.


– Free training and support

– QuickBooks desktop integration

– Employee schedule app

– POS integration (check with us to see if your POS is on our list)

– Daily budgets for purchasing and labor

– Web-based giving you access from ANY device

– Monthly meeting with restaurant coach

– Weekly webinars

– Monthly Mastermind Calls

– Free training classes up to10 times per year

– Wide range of communication options: chat, phone, email

Immediate Benefits:

Weekly Budget Variance Report: see a problem so you can fix it now rather than 15 days later when you get your P&L from your accountant.


Daily Paperwork: Manager log, daily cash controls, purchasing on budget (with the purchase allotment system up and running, you will save money right away).


Labor: You’ll have schedule templates to schedule on budget, employee app for updates and communication, labor tracking and controls and ability to find efficiencies.


Food and Beverage: Easy recipe costing cards, shelf-to-sheet inventory that takes one hour each week, digital invoices can be uploaded from any vendor and par levels for every order.

Best Fit

Is this Solution Right for You?

Successful Members of TheRestaurantExpert.com
do these 3 things.

Share financial information with us and your management team

One of the first things we do for members is prepare a budget. A budget is critical to the successful setup and use of systems because it gives you your restaurant’s cost of goods sold and labor targets. Without targets, you simply cannot make the right decisions or measure your success because you don’t even know what success looks like. Your restaurant coach will build your budget in Budget Creator Pro, our online budgeting tool that is included in your membership.

Assign an “implementer,” someone who will get things done

You cannot do this alone. Restaurant owners are characteristically entrepreneurs. By that we mean they are creative risk takers who love to start projects, but rarely like to finish them because they get bored easily and need to keep things fresh and new. In order to be the right fit for us, you need an “implementer.” This is at least one key individual who understands the task at hand and excels at running with it. It’s the person who loves to take on ANY challenge you throw at them. The person who doesn’t ask why but instead just gets the job done.

Commit to regular meetings with your coach and hold your managers accountable 

When you become a Member, we will schedule web-based meetings with you and your management team on a regular basis. We need your commitment to participate in those meetings and hold your team accountable to being on time and doing the work. Missing calls or being late sends the wrong message to your team and puts you at a disadvantage. Our goal is to coach you to success, but if you will not commit to meetings with your restaurant coaches, we cannot help you.