Why Restaurant Systems Are Important

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I’m the systems guy, and along with teaching systems, I teach why restaurant systems are important. Every restaurant owner, no matter how much they’re making or not making, is looking for ways to lower food and labor cost and to hold their employees/managers accountable. This is why you need systems:

  • Restaurant systems allow you to impose your will without being there. It’s the same reason the huge chain restaurants can operate without owners in them. When creating each system for your restaurant, you are so specific and clear on what you want done, how you want it done, how well you want it done and by when, that you leave no room for the use of common sense (which I am sorry to say, does not exist).
  • With restaurant systems, you are able to train the way you want things done and be specific and clear the whole way.
  • After the expectations have been set and they have been trained, you are able to hold people accountable because there is no gray area, no excuses and no conflict. You either have done the job or you have not.

When you start putting systems in place in your restaurant, all that matters is you have to get the work done or it’s a waste of time and money. If you get the work done and ensure it’s done every day, you will see the benefits – lower food and labor cost, an accountable management team, and you’ll have your life back.

With all that said, it’s work and you need help to get the work done. Don’t waste any more time and money worrying about why restaurant systems are important or if it’s the right thing for your restaurant (it is!). Instead, identify an implementor and get on your way to making more money, simplifying your operations, creating managers who know their job, and ultimately, get your life back. And do yourself a favor – start with automating all the systems with restaurant management software, like our Restaurant Systems Pro.

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