What Does a Restaurant Coach Do?

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Have you ever wondered what a business coach is, let alone a restaurant industry-specific business coach? What does a restaurant coach do? Let me explain…

What does a restaurant coach do? What’s the difference between a restaurant coach and a restaurant consultant?

To me, the distinction is simple.

A restaurant consultant is somebody who comes in and does the work for you. They should be doing it with you as well, training you on the systems. But all too often, they come in, do the work for you, get everything up and running, and then the job ends. But during that process, the consultant didn’t bring anyone in on how to do it after the consultant was gone. No one believes it can be done without the consultant, all that money is wasted and the whole thing ends up ditched and everyone goes back to doing it the way they were doing it before.

A restaurant coach is going to get more out of you.

A restaurant coach is going to teach you the same systems the chains use with great success. You still get to be you, the independent restaurant owner, but you are going to make money doing it!

A restaurant coach is going to push you to get more done. Whether as an owner, a manager, a server or a line cook, a restaurant coach pushes you to do more and get more out of your restaurant.

A restaurant coach is going to keep you and your team on the path – on target with your goals. Your path might be to stay on budget, stay true to your core values, stay true to your concept, whatever it is you want to achieve to grow your business.

Understand that a coach is over your shoulder directing you back to the path, reminding you what you need to do step by step to be successful.

The best in the world have coaches. You know how to run a restaurant, but the coach has an outside perspective and looks in to keep you on your path or to give you a different way to look at things.

What does a restaurant coach do? A restaurant coach helps you take your business to the next level, cost effectively. As a bonus, when you work with our restaurant coaches, you also get the most comprehensive restaurant management software to streamline your operations and make it easier to know your performance and adjust as needed.

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